EKWB's New Water Block Made for Asus R9 280X DirectCU II

EKWB has built a water block for Asus' R9 280X DirectCU II graphics card: the EK-FC R9-280X DCII.

The water block covers all of the card's critical components, including the GPU, memory, and VRM circuitry. Featured inside is a 0.6 mm microchannel structure, right above the GPU location in order to ensure better heat transfer from the GPU to the fluid.

EKWB has ensured that the water block also follows the company's high-flow design, allowing the water block to be used in longer, more complex loops or loops with weaker pumps.

As always, EKWB will be releasing a number of different versions, as detailed in the table below.

Interconnectivity method
MSRP (€)
MSRP ($)
EK-FC R9-280X DCII - NickelFC Terminal / HD Tube102,95€$141.04
EK-FC R9-280X DCII - Acetal+NickelFC Terminal / HD Tube104,95€$143.76
EK-FC R9-280X DCII - Nickel (Original CSQ)FC Bridge CSQ104,95€$143.76
EK-FC R9-280X DCII - Backplate - Black-26,38€$36.14
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