EKWB Gives Asus's Maximus VIII Motherboards The Monoblock Treatment

EK Water Blocks has been rapidly expanding its product lineup, and it seems the company is making a shift from universal CPU water blocks to specialized monoblocks for the Z170 chipset motherboards. Thus far, we've seen two monoblocks for MSI motherboards, but EKWB had stated in a Facebook comment back in September that the Asus Maximus series would get a monoblock, too.

Today, the company made good on that promise and released the EK-FB ASUS M8G Monoblock. Unlike the two blocks for MSI, this new block is compatible with more than one motherboard. It seems the Asus Maximus VIII Hero, Ranger and Gene share the same CPU socket and MOSFET layout, as EKWB was able to design the EK-FB ASUS M8G Monoblock to accommodate all three of these boards.

The Maximus VIII Extreme board that was recently announced will require a different block, which EKWB's Chief of R&D, Niko Tivadar, said is also in the works.

The EK-FB ASUS M8G Monoblock is designed with the same principles as all of EKWB's current products. It has a high-flow design capable of working with low power pumps, though EKWB didn't say this one can be run in reverse, which it usually makes a point of noting. The monoblocks makes direct contact with the CPU and power regulation modules, and fluid flows directly over both components to keep them as cool as possible.

The new monoblock is being offered in two variations, one with a black Acetal top and the other with a clear acrylic top. Both variants feature a nickel-plated electrolytic copper base. EKWB is not offering a bare copper version.

The EK-FB ASUS M8G Monoblock is available now through the EK Webshop and through the company's partner reseller network. Both versions of the block can be found for $136.99.

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  • dstarr3
    There's been a lot of ridiculous watercooling products popping up lately (RAM and SSD blocks... *eyeroll*), but this one, I can get on board with.
  • BulkZerker
    Still waiting for some asrock love.
  • thundervore
    Make them Predator compatible and they will sell like hotcakes!!! Glorious monoblock AIO hotcakes.

    If this happens I can justify moving from Corsair AIO cooling and investing $500+ into a complete CPU-MOSFET-GPU loop!!!

    On a side note I just realized the Southbridge does not get any water love....