Another Monoblock For An MSI Motherboard From EKWB

EK Water Blocks launched its first monoblock designed for an MSI motherboard less than a month ago, and today it's launching the second one. The new block has been tailored to fit onto one of MSI's top Z170 motherboards.

We've been covering the rapid, successive releases coming from EKWB for the last couple of months. The company has recently ramped up the volume of products being developed and has been launching a new part every few days. This latest announcement is about a new monoblock for MSI's Z170A Gaming Titanium Edition motherboard.

We've yet to see EKWB's approach to Z170 motherboards from other vendors, but if the direction the company has been going with MSI boards is any indication, we may start seeing more monoblock designs for more boards. Unlike a standard CPU water block, a monoblock covers more than just the CPU. EKWB designed the EK-FB Z170A XPOWER TE Monoblock to be a direct replacement for the factory MOSFET heatsink. The monoblock makes direct contact with the power regulation modules and the CPU, which theoretically would result in higher stable overclocks.

The EK-FB Z170A XPOWER TE Monoblock shares the same design elements as all recent EKWB water blocks. The base is milled from nickel-plated electrolytic copper, and the top is made of clear acrylic material. The company has made only one variety of this block, so you won't see a black acetal top, nor will a bare copper version be available.

Just like the rest of the company's product stack, this block features a high-flow design that can be run in reverse or with a low powered pump.

The EK-FB Z170A XPOWER TE Monoblock is available now for $109.57 through the EK Webshop and through authorized partner resellers.

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  • Blueberries
    ■ EKWB makes really nice products and I think this looks better than the tacky gamer heat-sinks on the XPOWER board. If CPU throughput is important to you the combination of this water block and the 60A choke, 14 power-phase design from MSI with DrMOS power delivery is the best option available.

    What I love about this board is that it will destroy its competition while only drawing ~100W from the PSU. Most people can't recognize the difference and buy whatever color-scheme looks cool, but the XPOWER (originally MPOWER) has always been class-leading and sought after by enthusiasts looking for maximum performance and world records.
  • thundervore
    If they somehow figure out a way to turn this into a AIO they will sell millions. Imagine selling this with something like the Swiftech H220X prefilled :ouch: