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EKWB's New R9 290(X) Water Block to Increase Compatibility

If you are wondering why that EKWB water block for your AMD Radeon R9 290X or R9 290 didn't fit, it's because there are multiple board designs being manufactured. This new board, the R29FA, is a reference board that is slightly different from the original design. The new board design can be found on Power Color, Club3D and VTX3D cards.

The new water block that EKWB built to resolve this issue is the EK-FC R9 290X SE. It follows the standard recipe for a full-cover graphics card water block, where it cools the GPU, memory and VRM circuitry. It is also built using EKWB's high-flow design, meaning that it can be used in loops with weaker pumps or longer, more complex loops.

Only one version of the block will come out. It will have a nickel-plated base and an Acetal top. No exact word on pricing, although it is probably safe to assume the price tag will be close or identical to the price of the original block, which is set at about $140.

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