EKWB Releases Water Block for Asus GTX 780 DirectCU II

EK Water Blocks has expanded its range of cooling components for GeForce GTX 780 graphics cardswith today's release of a new Full-Cover water block for Asus' GTX 780 DirectCU II series of graphics cards, the EK-FC780 GTX DCII.

The water block provides direct cooling for the GPU, RAM and VRM to ensure stability during high overclocks and a "very high flow design" that is suitable for use in liquid cooling systems that utilize weaker water pumps.

The EK-FC780 GTX DCII is available in three distinct variants with the option of adding a black "aesthetic retention bracket":

  • Acetal and Nickel: €104.94 ($140.51)
  • Nickel: €102.96 ($137.86)
  • Nickel (Original CSQ): €104.94 ($140.51)
  • Aesthetic Retention Bracket: €26.38 ($35.89)
  • JackNaylorPE
    I'm kinda lost trying to figure where they are going here...... with the 5xx series, Asus DCII had the highest factory overclock.....and ya could take them to 30% over reference. With the 6xx series they repeated taking the crown again.....getting the only 10.0 rating ever from techpowerup. With the 7xx series, they are outshined by MSI and Gigabyte .... I'm hesitant to invest in these cards, let alone the water blocks unless they can show me something.
  • Setting Sun
    I went over hundreds of reviews for the Asus DC2 OC model and when compared to any of the other reference 7xx series cards, it has the lowest factory clock speed but the best cooling. That's why i bought the card and I just ordered one of these EK waterblocks for it. I'll give a further review once it arrives.
  • JackNaylorPE
    Yes, I think we read many of the same reviews..... I was thinking the same thing as you were but then sites like techpowerup and Guru3d tried overclocking them....and whereas last gen they were stating how well they did, this time they weren't able to catch the Windforce and cards.

    One speculation is that all the extreme overclockers were buying Asus cause they topped the charts.....and that they took it a bit further than maybe they shuda, resulting in lotta returns so this time the bean counters put the nix on the OC.

    But at Comdex, Asus unveiled the Poseidon, .... I'm hoping it puts Asus back up at the top again. I can't see them releasing the think unless they can compete the Classified / Hydrocopper....otherwise the release will be a yawner