EKWB Wets Nvidia's GTX 780 Ti With Full-Cover Water Block

A new king of the hill has arrived, and according to many people, including EKWB, it'd be even better under water. As such, EKWB has announced a water block for the just-released GTX 780 Ti graphics card, known as the EK-FC780 GTX Ti.

The water block covers all the critical components on the graphics card, including the GPU, VRM circuitry, and the memory. It also features a high-flow design, meaning that it can be used in combination with weaker pumps or longer, more complex loops.

The unit comes in five versions, each with a bare copper base or with a nickel-plated base to protect against corrosion. Either of those can come with a transparent acrylic top or a black acetal top. A backplate is also available. Of course, for those who are interested, EKWB makes a nickel-plated block with the original CSQ (circle pattern) design.

The blocks with a bare copper base feature an MSRP of $124.34; the units with a nickel-plated base go for $138.15. The backplate sells for $35.87.

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