EK Water Blocks Expands Fluid Gaming Lineup With More Radiators, Fittings

While the U.S. was celebrating its independence, the folks at EK Water Blocks in Slovenia were busy announcing some of the company’s upcoming cooling accessories. EKWB revealed plans to expand the recently launched Fluid Gaming product line.

At the end of May, EK Water Blocks launched an affordable water cooling product line called the Fluid Gaming Series. EKWB sells the Fluid Gaming Series hardware in complete kits that include the pump, reservoir, fittings, water block, tubing, and fluid to take the guesswork out of configuring a full loop yourself. EKWB’s Fluid Gaming Series kits are significantly more affordable than the company’s flagship parts, but there’s a big catch: EKWB milled the new hardware from aluminum, which is not compatible with standard copper parts. If you mix copper parts with aluminum parts in the same water cooling loop, the metals will rapidly corrode.

When EKWB announced the Fluid Gaming Series, the company noted that it would release accessories for the new water cooling platform later. Yesterday, EKWB released details about its plans to expand the series.

EKWB announced that it would release a radiator expansion pack for the Fluid Gaming Series at the end of the month. Currently, you can order Fluid Gaming kits with single 120mm and 240mm radiators. By the end of July, you’ll have access to extra 240mm radiators, and EKWB also plans to release a 360mm version at the same time.

Connecting extra parts to your loop requires additional fittings. EKWB’s existing lineup of fittings are made of copper, so you can’t use those to expand your Fluid Gaming Series loop. The company didn’t say whether the radiator expansion kits would include fittings, but it did say that it would release a lineup of aluminum fittings, including 45-degree and 90-degree angled fittings. There are no plans to release hard tubing compression fittings for the Fluid Gaming Series.

EKWB said it plans to announce a larger lineup of accessories later this month, which would include pump holders, fans, and other water cooling accessories. The company also confirmed that additional GPU blocks would be available at a later date, including blocks for upcoming AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

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    As this product have the magic Gaming in its product name i bet it also will have the 30-40% markup for pretty much the same components as the regulars... ? ;)