Enermax Cable Master 20 Case Designed for Rear and Front-Mounted Cabling

Enermax at Computex 2023
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PC cases, cooling and power specialist, Enermax, is showcasing a plethora of new wares at its Computex booth in Taipei. Among the new products, the Enermax Cable Master 20 stood out as one of the first to support both rear and standard-mounted motherboard cables. Meanwhile the Enermax Platimax Gemini is claimed to be the first PSU to adhere to both ATX 3.0 and ATX12VO standards.

Enermax Cases

The headlining Enermax Cable Master 20 case doesn't stand out of the crowd, at first glance. Its mesh front, upper LCD display, RGB fans, and tempered glass side all look on trend for the 2020s so far.

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The killer feature of the Enermax Cable Master 20 lies beneath the boxy façade. Enermax has designed the internal layout to be flexible enough for comfortable fitting of motherboards with both rear- and standard-mounted cabling - previously called DIY-APE Standard motherboards. A specific change to the layout which should help DIYers is the ample 30mm of space left behind the motherboard for stress-free cable mounting.

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Enermax reminds those pondering over the Cable Master 20 that rear-mounting cables is preferable to create a tidy system with the best internal airflow.

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Another new case that Enermax is promoting is the MarbleShell Apex Marble MS32. This is notable for being the firm's first modular PC case. Enermax says that it features a removable top radiator and fan brackets on the power supply shroud as well as an extra adjustable-angle fan bracket assists in cooling high-power graphics cards. Check the specs in our photo, above.

Enermax PSUs

The Platimax Gemini is the world's first PSU that meets both ATX 3.0 and ATX12VO standards, according to Enermax. We saw a 1200W sample at Computex, and among its charms it offers full modularity, 80 Plus Platinum rated, comes with a 600W native PCIe 5 cable, and is overall a more eco-friendly computing power solution.

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Also at the show, Enermax showcased the SPlave X Enermax PSU, which is a specially modified Enermax Revolution PSU, influenced by top overclocker and Tom's Hardware contributor Allen Golibersuch.

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Enermax Cooling

The rest of Enermax's wares were cooling products. Its Liqtech TR4 II is claimed to be the first liquid cooler on the market that is officially verified by Intel, as a thermal solution for its Xeon Sapphire Rapids (Socket LGA4677) workstations. Understandably, this is quite a sizable AIO. It isn't Intel-only, though, it also comes with fittings for AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO processors with socket sWRX8 / sTRX4/ TR4, as well as AMD socket SP3 for AMD EPYC processors.

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For users of more mainstream CPUs, Enermax has the new Liqmaxflo AIO CPU cooler with additional ARGB VRM fan. Last but not least, Enermax wanted to draw our attention to the SquA Fusion PWM fans, with a magnetic force design, aRGB frame, and dust-free design.

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