PowerColor Unveils Highest-Clocked Radeon RX 5700 XT Graphics Card

(Image credit: PowerColor)

We don’t normally know PowerColor for making graphics cards with water cooling blocks built onto them, but today it announced the Liquid Devil 5700 XT, which it claims that it is the fastest RX 5700 XT graphics card out there.

The graphics card itself features a relatively short board design, but manages to pack in a 10-phase VRM circuitry nevertheless. 

Meanwhile, the liquid block is made by EKWB, so we're confident in its ability to  cool the essential components, including GPU, VRM circuitry and memory. Naturally, RGB support is included from the EKWB water block too.

PowerColor also claims that its GPUs are binned, meaning the company has selected selected the best-overclocking chips for these cards. 

(Image credit: PowerColor)

What this translates into is an RX 5700 XT that comes overclocked from the factory with a boost clock of up to 2,070 MHz. Oddly, the memory clock has been left untouched at 14 GHz; although, that's likely to keep the card within its power limits to make space for the hefty GPU overclock. For comparison, the reference AMD Radeon 5700 XT has a boost clock of up to 1,905 MHz, thermals permitting. We’ll accept PowerColor’s claim that it’s the fastest 5700 XT in the world: the next-fastest card we’ve seen is Sapphire’s Special Edition 5700XT Nitro+, which comes clocked in at up to 2,035 MHz.

Not surprisingly, this performance bump and water block come with a notable price tag. The card is set to cost $599 when it hits U.S. shelves (PowerColor didn't share a release date). For comparison, you can score an air-cooled RX 5700 XT for about $400, and adding a water block will cost you roughly another $200 to reach the same combination. However, if you go that route, you won’t have a seamless warranty, nor that great promised overclock from a binned chip.

Niels Broekhuijsen

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  • digitalgriffin
    Bykski's Reference 5700XT water block is commonly on sale for $80

    But at $480 you are hitting 2070 super territory. It's not worth it unless you detest NVIDIA. (Which is one of the reasons I bought the 5700XT myself)