Fractal Design Issues Fan Hub Replacement for New Torrent PC Case

Fractal Design Torrent
Fractal Design Torrent (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Fractal Design today issued a fan hub replacement for the Fractal Design Torrent PC case. The news comes after user reports of a potential short circuit hazard.

The company identified that some of its Nexus 9P Slim Fan Hubs were damaged during the manufacturing process, which could lead to a short circuit. 

To avoid the defective fan hubs from getting into the hands of shoppers looking for the best PC case, Fractal Design has temporarily halted Torrent sales until the revised fan hub is finished.

"We remain committed to the quality of our products, and the Nexus 9P Slim Fan Hub included with the Torrent does not live up to the standards customers expect from us," Fractal Design said in its announcement. "Our development team is working tirelessly to design and manufacture an updated version that will address these issues as soon as possible." 

In the meantime, Fractal Design told Torrent owners to unplug the fan hub and fill out an online form to receive a replacement kit when available. The Torrent is reportedly very much functional without the fan hub. Nonetheless, Fractal Design has spoken with retail partners and said it will offer a full refund to those that don't want to wait for the replacement kit. 

Zhiye Liu
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  • ThatMouse
    Wow thanks I just bought the Torrent and am building tomorrow! I'm guessing I can plug the fans in the mobo... Edit: so the Torrent comes with 5 fans, so most likely I'll need to order a new splitter. I can't wait around for Fractal to send a $10 part...
  • Friesiansam
    ThatMouse said:
    I can't wait around for Fractal to send a $10 part...
    At least they have admitted there is a problem promptly and, are dealing with it. There are more than a few companies out there, that would deny there is a problem and blame buyers for damaging the faulty part. Whirlpool is one that comes to mind.
  • Unolocogringo
    Much better than say NZXT. months later say there might be a problem.
    Gigabyte. What problem, we find no problem. 10 months later, there is no problem they were just overstressing it with fake thermal loads. But if you want a replacement RMA it. RMA denied !!!!
    Apple , You are holding it wrong! No problems with the phone.
    Need I say more?
    They are pro- actively trying to get ahead of the problem immediately. Kudos to them.
    I do not own any of the above, but there presence is widely know to enthusiast.