Fractal Design Announces Define R4 Quiet PC Case

The company said that the minimalistic design hides  "dense, sound-absorbing material" in the front and side panels and turns it into a "benchmark for noise reduction". The case can accommodate up to eight HDDs, up to two SSDs mounted on the back of the motherboard, graphic card sizes up to 430 mm in length, and multiple ventilation options.

Fractal Design offers the user a choice to select either silent operation or "maximum airflow" via its ModuVent technology. There is a three-speed fan controller built into the front panel that supports up to three fans. The manufacturer includes two silent R2 fans with the Define R4.

The case comes in three colors, black, grey and white, and is offered for $110.

There's no word yet on whether or not this one is bulletproof like the Define XL.

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  • molo9000
    I want it... I need it...

    Actually, I'm fine with by Define R3. Great cases for the money.
  • waxdart
    That looks wonderful. I spent a fortune on on an Antec P183 and it's no where need as good as that!

    If you want a very silent case and have no money. I used to have a really cheap awful OEM beige one. Every screw had a cheap silicon washer either side.

    Fitting it back together was really hard. That crap case had less HDD noise than the Antec P183 I bought :( The Fan was louder in the crap case; but as I've upgraded them all for the Antec and I'm still not happy - I don't think I can blame the OEM beige box much! I really want to hear how good the R4 is.

    What the best 120/140mm fan these days?
  • hellfire24
    another great case from fractal for $110 :)