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‘From Other Suns’ Kicks Off Free Beta Weekend On September 29

Gunfire Games announced that it will be running a free open beta weekend of its upcoming Oculus-exclusive rogue-lite space exploration game, From Other Suns, through the last weekend of September.

Gunfire Games is one of the few VR developers with multiple titles already available. It got its feet wet with the release of Herobound: Spirit Companion on the Gear VR platform. By the time Oculus released the Rift, it had Chronos and a port of Herobound ready to launch alongside the headset. In December, the studio released yet another Oculus-exclusive title called Dead and Buried alongside the Oculus Touch controllers.

Few developers have three VR titles in development, let alone on the market; Gunfire Games will soon have four. The developer hasn’t announced the official release date for From Other Suns yet, but it maintains that the title will be available this fall and is starting to ramp up its testing process in preparation for the launch. At the end of the month, Gunfire Games will run a three-day free open beta of From Other Suns to weed out some bugs and problems ahead of the full release.

From Other Suns is a combination of space exploration game and first-person shooter. You and up to three friends are the crew of a cargo ship in alien territory. Gunfire Games said From Other Suns is inspired by the space-faring rogue-lite FTL: Faster Than Light, in which you must maintain and defend your spaceship in hostile areas. We tried an early build of From Other Suns in February, and we didn’t see many similarities between the two games, but we didn’t play for long and the scope of what we could do was limited.

At the end of the month, we’ll be able to sink some more time into From Other Suns to see if Gunfire Games’ claim holds true. The developer said that the From Other Suns free open beta would start on September 29 and conclude on October 1. It didn’t say what time the open beta would start, but we’ve reached out to it for more details.

From Other Suns is an Oculus Rift exclusive title. To play the game, you must have an Oculus Rift HMD and Touch controllers. HTC Vive owners will likely be able to play the game eventually with CrossVR's ReVive application, but we wouldn't expect that utility to work during the beta weekend.