Oculus Touch Launch Titles

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  • elmanufico
    Thanks for the slideshow :)
  • Sakkura
    There's also a "launch bundle" available, 5 of the Touch-enabled titles sold together for $90. Which sounds kinda hefty until you notice The Climb alone is $50.

    In addition, they currently throw in Ripcoil for free on any Oculus Store purchase. So that's nice.
  • jasonelmore
    yeah the $90 bundle is a great deal, if you don't already own any of the stuff. Unfortunately for me i already bought the climb at retail
  • Yuka
    I'm still waiting on "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!" to be put in there. Mixing the great "follow the lines with tempo", plus the additional VR element of moving all over the place cheering inside the story being told in the song, lol. That would be so friggin' awesome.

  • loki1944
    Good lord, I thought perhaps VR game ambition and quality would have evolved of late. Nope. Serious Sam, Superhot (though def not a fan of the artstyle myself), and possibly Arizona Sunshine/Quar look like actual games instead of demos/mobile/freemiumware design looking garbage.