Oculus Touch Launch Titles

Quill (Beta)

Quill is a robust illustration tool for virtual reality designed by Oculus Story Studio. Quill gives you the tools to create sketches with virtual pencils and paint with virtual watercolor and oil paints. Choose from a wide selection of brush styles and a rich set of colors. Quill gives you access to an infinitely scalable open canvas for you to create anything you can imagine. Oculus equipped Quill with all the tools you’ll need to create fully developed projects, including layering tools for advanced concepts. Quill even offers transitions for visual storytelling.

Developer: Oculus Story Studio

Genre: Art

Stance: Standing

Price: TBD / Free with Touch

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Kingspray Graffiti Simulator

Kingspray Graffiti Simulator is coming to Oculus Touch, which will either keep graffiti artists off the streets or serve as a training ground for aspiring artistic vandals. As the title suggests, Kingspray is a graffiti simulator that lets you create practically anything you would be able to in real life, and it features multiple environments, such as back alleys and billboards, for you to use as a canvas. The paint that comes out of the spray cans reacts like real paint. The further you are from the surface, the wider the pattern will be. As you get closer to the surface, the paint can accumulate and start to drip. Kingspray gives you full artistic freedom, without the risk of a criminal record for vandalism.

Developer: Infectious Ape

Genre: Art, Simulation, Casual

Stance: Standing, Roomscale

Price: $14.99

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Ocean Rift

Ocean Rift debuted on the Gear VR platform a year ago and made its way to the Rift platform earlier this year. The previous version of the game took you on a guided tour of 12 ocean habitats to show you a variety of sea creatures, including dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, rays, and even ancient dinosaurs. Now that Oculus Touch is available, Ocean Rift’s developer changed the experience to let you swim around the ocean using natural hand motions.

Developer: Llyr ap Cenydd

Genre: Casual, Simulation

Stance: Standing, Roomscale

Price: $9.99

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Please Don't Touch Anything

What would you do if found yourself sitting in front of a console with one single button and instructions not to touch it? Of course, you would push the button, that's what. Please, Don't Touch Anything is a virtual reality adaptation of a 2D puzzle game of the same name. Escalation Studios recreated that original game into a fully immersive virtual reality experience, and the developer updated the game to support Oculus Touch and bring hand presence to the experience.

Developer: Escalation Studios

Genre: Psychological Puzzle

Stance: Seated

Price: $16.99

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Toybox started out as an internal demo for Oculus to experiment with hand presence and social interaction. Oculus showed Toybox to the press and the development community at Oculus Connect 2 in 2015, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Oculus filled Toybox with toys and items to interact with, such as RC vehicles, guns, a tether ball, and a shrink ray. Toybox also gives you a taste of VR telepresence, thanks to its multiplayer component.

Developer: Oculus Studios, Cloudgine

Genre: Casual, Multiplayer

Stance: Standing, Roomscale

Price: $9.99 / Free with Touch

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Cosmic Trip

Cosmic Trip is a real-time strategy game that takes the typical model and flips it on its head. You’ll have to manage your resources, deploy “cosmobot” forces to capture territory, defend your base, and build structures to fortify your position and hold down the fort. But Cosmic Trip is unlike any other RTS game you’ve ever seen. Instead of the classic top-down isometric view that RTS games typically employ, Cosmic Trip is a first-person game that puts you on the ground with your battalion.

Developer: Funkotronic Labs

Genre: Action, Adventure, Strategy

Stance: Standing, Roomscale

Price: $19.99

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Quar: Battle for Gate 18

Quar: Battle for Gate 18 is a third-person turn-based strategy game based on the award winning table-top game The Quar's War. In this single-player strategy game, you watch over the Quar, a species of alien ant-eaters in a perpetual state of warfare. From the perspective of a god, take command of the Quar forces and direct them in war into the, er, Battle for Gate 18.

Developer: Steel Wool Games

Genre: Turn-Based Strategy

Stance: Standing, Room-scale

Price: $19.99

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Grav|Lab: Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations

Grav|Lab is a virtual reality puzzle game. Use the Touch controllers to build machines and solve physics-based puzzles in a low-gravity environment. Grav|Lab includes 17 puzzles, but it also includes a level editor so you can create your own levels, as well as a community hub to share your creations and test other’s puzzles.

Developer: VRBits

Genre: Puzzle

Stance: Standing, Roomscale

Price: $14.99

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Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality

Get ready for a bloody mess! Bossa Studios is bringing Surgeon Simulator to the Rift. Bossa Studios recreated the original Surgeon Simulator with all the missions from the original game for virtual reality and motion controls. Operate on a patient in the back of an ambulance or do your finest work in front of an audience in the operating theater. And enjoy turning the table on the aliens by dissecting them instead of them dissecting you.

Developer: Bossa Studiosn

Genre: Casual

Stance: Standing

Price: $9.99

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Dead Hungry

Dead Hungry puts you in the shoes of a short order cook on a food truck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. For reasons unknown, the cure to the zombie disease happens to be the juicy burgers you so lovingly prepare for your customers. It’s up to you to save humanity from the undead infestation, but you better be quick! Zombies aren’t known for their patience. If the food’s not ready when they want it, I’m afraid you’ll be supper instead.

Developer: Q-Games

Genre: Action, Arcade

Stance: Standing

Price: $29.99


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  • elmanufico
    Thanks for the slideshow :)
  • Sakkura
    There's also a "launch bundle" available, 5 of the Touch-enabled titles sold together for $90. Which sounds kinda hefty until you notice The Climb alone is $50.

    In addition, they currently throw in Ripcoil for free on any Oculus Store purchase. So that's nice.
  • jasonelmore
    yeah the $90 bundle is a great deal, if you don't already own any of the stuff. Unfortunately for me i already bought the climb at retail
  • -Fran-
    I'm still waiting on "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!" to be put in there. Mixing the great "follow the lines with tempo", plus the additional VR element of moving all over the place cheering inside the story being told in the song, lol. That would be so friggin' awesome.

  • loki1944
    Good lord, I thought perhaps VR game ambition and quality would have evolved of late. Nope. Serious Sam, Superhot (though def not a fan of the artstyle myself), and possibly Arizona Sunshine/Quar look like actual games instead of demos/mobile/freemiumware design looking garbage.