Oculus Touch Launch Titles

VR Sports Challenge

VR Sports Challenge puts you in the shoes of a professional athlete from some of your favorite sports. Feel what it’s like to defend the goal and take a shot at the opponent's net in a fast-paced hockey game. Call the play and pass the ball as a quarterback, and reach out to catch the pass on the receiving end, during a professional football game. Baseball fans can step up to home base and get ready to knock one of out the park.

Developer: Sanzaru Games Inc.

Genre: Simulation, Sports

Stance: Standing

Price: $29.99 / Free with Touch Pre-order

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Rec Room

Rec Room is a virtual reality recreation center where you can meet up with people from around the world and participate in a variety of social sports activities. You can jump into a dodgeball game in the gymnasium, or try your luck in the paintball arena outside. If paintball is too intense for you, you can shoot some hoops, or gather a group to play 3D charades. You could even hang out in the locker room, if that’s your thing.

Developer: Against Gravity

Genre: Sports, Casual

Stance: Standing, Room-scale

Price: Free

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Pro Fishing Challenge

Pro Fishing Challenge VR is the perfect game for fishing lovers who can’t get away as often as they wish. This fishing simulation is as realistic as they come. Drive your boat around the lake to find your perfect fishing spot, and use the Touch controllers to cast your line and reel in what you catch. Pro Fishing Challenge VR lets you take to the water and enjoy a peaceful day fishing on the lake by yourself, or you can invite a friend to tag along and keep you company.

Developer: Opus

Genre: Fishing, Simulation, Casual

Stance: Seated, Standing, Room-scale

Price: Free

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NBA 2KVR Experience

NBA 2KVR Experience puts you on the NBA basketball court to try your luck at a series of mini-games. Experience what it’s like to be the center of attention on the court of a professional basketball arena with thousands of fans in the crowd. Follow the guidance on NBA All-Star Paul George as you try to complete various basketball related challenges.

Developer: Visual Concepts, 2K

Genre: Sports, Simulation, Casual

Stance: Standing

Price: $14.99

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Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR is a virtual reality adaptation of the fan-favorite mobile game by the same name. Grab hold of a katana (or two) and start slicing flying fruit. Rack up combo points by slicing into multiple pieces of produce in one swing, but watch out! It's not just fruit flying past your head. There are bombs in the mix that you must avoid, so keep an eye on what you're swinging at. Fruit Ninja VR features five game modes, such classic mode with one sword, and dual-wielding mode with two swords, and arcade mode in which you have a limited time to slice as much fruit as you can. The game also features zen mode, which doesn't have bombs, so you can relax as you swing. And if you're looking for a challenge, survival mode introduces cannons that fire at you.

Developer: Halfbrick Studios

Genre: Action

Stance: Standing

Price: $14.99

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Ripcoil is an high-intensity competitive multiplayer first-person Pong-like game set in a “futuristic gladiatorial arena.” Man a hoverboard to move from side to side, and try to get a flying disc past your opponent for points. Use the walls to bank your shots and experiment with the angle you toss the disc to throw your challenger off of his or her game.

Developer: Oculus Studios, Sanzaru

Genre: Action, Sports

Stance: Standing

Price: $9.99

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Holoball is a modern reimagining of Pong for virtual reality. Using rackets in both hands, pass an electrified ball back and forth across the map until someone misses a return and ends the rally. Victory in this action-packed sports game requires fast reflexes and clever paddling. Smash the ball hard to send it back at high-speed, or hit the ball at an angle to add some curve to throw your opponent off.

Developer: TreeFortress Games

Genre: Sports

Stance: Standing

Price: TBD

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Proton Pulse Plus

Zero Transform Inc. calls its VR game “the most diabolic game of atomic paddleball to grace the third dimension.” Your hands act as paddle that deflects a large power ball capable of destroying an enemy AI named M.O.A.I. You’ll have power-ups at your disposal across 50 levels. As you make your way through the game, the levels increase their intensity in terms of music and visuals, which all lead up to a psychedelic experience at the end.

Developer: Zero Transform Inc.

Genre:Indie, Sports

Stance:Seated, Standing, Roomscale

Price: $4.99

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Tricol describes Plannes as “a game of zero-gravity tennis,” but in truth, there’s a little more to it than that. Plannes is a like a combination of Proton Pulse Plus and Holoball. You’ll find yourself in a small arena against one opponent, like Holoball--but you’re not just trying to get the ball past your challenger. You must also hit objects located behind him or her. The first person to break all the targets wins.

Developer: Tricol

Genre: Sports

Stance: Standing

Price: $14.99

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Medium is a digital art program that allows you to use your hands to sculpt anything you can imagine with digital clay. Medium gives you access to various tools, including a clay gun, carving tool, smoothing tool, and smudge tool. The software features over 300 shapes and objects that you can integrate into your creations, or you can start from nothing and build something completely unique. Oculus even included a realistic spray gun tool, so you can paint your sculptures however you want.

Developer: Oculus

Genre: Art, Casual

Stance: Standing

Price: $29.99 / Free with Touch


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  • elmanufico
    Thanks for the slideshow :)
  • Sakkura
    There's also a "launch bundle" available, 5 of the Touch-enabled titles sold together for $90. Which sounds kinda hefty until you notice The Climb alone is $50.

    In addition, they currently throw in Ripcoil for free on any Oculus Store purchase. So that's nice.
  • jasonelmore
    yeah the $90 bundle is a great deal, if you don't already own any of the stuff. Unfortunately for me i already bought the climb at retail
  • -Fran-
    I'm still waiting on "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!" to be put in there. Mixing the great "follow the lines with tempo", plus the additional VR element of moving all over the place cheering inside the story being told in the song, lol. That would be so friggin' awesome.

  • loki1944
    Good lord, I thought perhaps VR game ambition and quality would have evolved of late. Nope. Serious Sam, Superhot (though def not a fan of the artstyle myself), and possibly Arizona Sunshine/Quar look like actual games instead of demos/mobile/freemiumware design looking garbage.