Hide Your PC in the Wild with NZXT Camo Chassis

Earlier this week, we spotted NZXT's Tempest EVO Camo chassis while hunting down another story. At first glance, this rig casing looked somewhat silly, sporting spotted blacks, whites, and grays like some square cow or a stiff pair of military camouflage fatigues. But for some reason, we kept coming back to the lead since then, wondering what it would look like on a desktop.

So here it is. Can it successfully hide out in the wild? Perhaps if it doesn't make too much noise. Can it run Crysis? Depends on the guts you stuff within its frame. For $149.99, interested cow herders and deer hunters could find out if this chassis really can blend into the woods by ordering it via Newegg here. Just don't feed it grass.

  • HalJordan
    Can it successfully hide out in the wild?

    Looks more like urban camo to me...great if you don't want your wife or girlfriend to find you when you are gaming.
  • xurwin
    i like it!!
  • counselmancl
    I've always been annoyed by the "I can't see you" jokes when someone is wearing a camo pattern outside of the environment for which it was designed, in which case the camouflage is not longer a camouflage, it's just a pattern.
  • flamethrower205
    hence the joke...
  • Glorian
    Would provide a solid platform for a black white themed case, but kinda pricey for my liking. You could spend the money on a vinyl wrap and it would probably cost the same if not less.
  • thepetey
    ...but what if its google's grass?
  • buzznut
    It actually looks like a camo that been given the 8bit pixel look.
  • Talon
    Very good case, NZXT is great quality, have owned several of their cases myself. Having said that, they could have at least made it with smooth lines between the colors, not some "digitized" looking mess. That might be what they were going for but it turns me off.
    It is also just a bit too much of a price hike for such simple paint.

    Like Glorian said above, for something that looked like an art student did it on an old 8-bit machine you could get a wrap or something cheaper than the extra $50.

    Great case = extremely niche paint.
  • mlopinto2k1
    buzznutIt actually looks like a camo that been given the 8bit pixel look.It looks 8 bit up close but when viewed from a distance... now that's when the magic happens! I wonder if it comes with the option for Anisotropic filtering?
  • that looks like a cow