G.Skill Preps DDR5-6400 Overclocked ECC RDIMM RAM

G.Skill Zeta R5
G.Skill Zeta R5 (Image credit: Roman Hartung/YouTube)

You typically don’t find the words "overclocked" and "ECC" in the same sentence, but that hasn't stopped G.Skill from cooking up what appears to be the first overclocked DDR5 RDIMM (registered DIMM) memory modules for workstations and servers. The new Zeta R5 memory arrives just in time for Xeon W Sapphire Rapids chips and ready to compete with the best RAM on the market.

Although G.Skill also sells standard memory, enthusiast and gaming memory are the brand‘s strong suit. However, it looks like G.Skill finally feels confident enough to venture into the server memory market. Overclocking celebrity Roman "der8auer" Hartung has provided a small preview of G.Skill’s first server memory kit under the newly created Zeta R5 lineup.

The Zeta R5 memory modules debut with a black PCB and a simple aluminum heat spreader. Although the heat spreader is filled with fancy marketing specifications, there’s no RGB onboard. This is server memory, after all, so there’s no room for that nonsense. The memory kit carries the part number F5-6400R3239G16GE8-ZR5K, which means it has a total capacity of 128GB. Since each memory module is 16GB big, the memory kit is composed of eight of them. 

The Zeta R5's kit capacity isn’t very remarkable by today’s standards — thanks to the introduction of 48GB memory modules, vendors have launched offerings up to 192GB with a four-DIMM memory kit. Obviously, those are UDIMMs (unregistered DIMMs) and G.Skill's latest creation are RDIMMs that feature standard error correction code (ECC), a feature that's vital in the server world where data integrity is number one on the priority list.

G.Skill did some impressive binning on the Zeta R5 memory kit. It runs at a reputable data rate of DDR5-6400 with some pretty tight timings. The vendor has set the memory timings to 32-39-39-102 with a required DRAM voltage of 1.4V. Since these are overclocked memory modules, they arrive with XMP 3.0 support for a one-click setup.

G.Skill hasn't launched the Zeta R5 memory kits yet, so pricing and availability are unknown. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we expect G.Skill to make an official announcement very soon.

Zhiye Liu
News Editor and Memory Reviewer

Zhiye Liu is a news editor and memory reviewer at Tom’s Hardware. Although he loves everything that’s hardware, he has a soft spot for CPUs, GPUs, and RAM.

  • Amdlova
    Lol that put on a shame on My current workstation. 2400 mhz maximum ddr4.
  • thestryker
    I was surprised when the system just booted at XMP without any other settings being touched. That means the memory controller on SPR is likely what the RPL controller came from as it's clearly better than the ADL one. Hopefully there will be several kits like this coming as ECC DDR5 has been atrocious retail availability wise and this could help there.