ID-Cooling's Fully-Aluminum T60-SFX Case Arrives, Bargain At $80

After waiting a couple of months since we first saw it at Computex 2014, ID-Cooling is officially releasing its T60-SFX gaming enclosure. This is a Mini-ITX case built to house a powerful gaming system in a small footprint. Back at Computex, we gave this case a Best of Computex 2014 award.

The case is made completely out of aluminum and will be available in a number of color options. Inside the case there is room for a Mini-ITX motherboard, an SFX format power supply, a dual-slot graphics card up to 260 mm long and either one 3.5" drive or two 2.5" drives. CPU coolers up to 124 mm tall can fit, although the storage bays do interfere with clearance.

Rear exhaust is handled by a single 92 mm fan. Air intake for cooling comes from the bottom of the case, as well as a handful of vents. Cooling might not be the case's strongest point, but it looks like it will cool adequately enough for mid-range gaming systems, and the aluminum chassis should also help with some heat dissipation.

Pricing for the case is set at $79.99, which is actually a very good deal, as aluminum cases often cost quite a bit more.

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  • Bean007
    This could be a nice HTPC but of course it wouldn't have that front look that most HTPC cases have. Meaning the ones that look like your receiver.

    However the lack of a Slim Optical Drive for a Blu-Ray drive might be a problem for some and not much for room for more then 1 3.5 HDD to store all your movies.
  • lp231
    Looks like a welding mask
  • 2Be_or_Not2Be
    Looks like a wielding mask

    So if you had two of these, would you be dual-"wielding"?