Impatient Pi Enthusiasts Cross English Channel to Buy Raspberry Pi 5

Raspberry Pi 5
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Some people are willing to put in significant effort to get their hands on one of the recently launched Raspberry Pi 5 single board computers (SBCs). A case in point comes via Sad Electronics on Twitter / X, who got out of bed at 4 a.m. in Germany today, crossing land and sea to the UK to get their hands on a slice of fresh Pi.

New product launches can be fraught with delays, and shortages, and even bring out some of the worst aspects of human behavior (like scalping). We covered some news about Raspberry Pi 5 scalpers earlier today and were alarmed to discover that some eBayers were marking up prices by up to 109%. 

Compounding the usual issues, the Raspberry Pi 5 launch is a particularly big event in the tech world. Things like smart devices, PC CPUs, and GPUs often get refreshed yearly, but it has been four years since the Pi 4 arrived.

According to the latest information we have, well-organized pre-order single-unit customers around the world should get their shiny new Pi 5 SBCs before 2023 is out, at the latest. Next year, industrial customers will start to have access to the Raspberry Pi 5, and production is going up to try and address the sizable demand.

With the batched queuing systems in place, there should be no real issue grabbing a Raspberry Pi 5 if you are an enthusiast after a single unit. However, some who hadn't anticipated the Pi 5 stock crunch and are less patient might be looking for an alternative.

Going to a brick-and-mortar outlet is one alternative option that's open to users in the UK (now) and in the U.S. (starting Nov. 3). In the UK the only off-the-shelf stockist is the Raspberry Pi Store in Cambridge, and in the U.S. those with a nearby Micro Center will be able to pop in and grab a Pi 5 shortly. Knowing this, Sad Electronics made the effort today to travel from Germany to Cambridge, UK.

In Sad Electronics' post, you can see the glorious sight of the Raspberry Pi shop front in Cambridge. The second shot, we assume, is of a relieved Pi hunter with an 8 GB Raspberry Pi 5 in hand, waiting for the train / plane / ferry back to the continent. Surely, there was another reason to visit Cambridge today and the SBC shopping piggy-backed upon this purpose? Whatever the case, it’s good to see the commitment the humble little Raspberry Pi can inspire.

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  • Blastomonas
    I admire their dedication to the Pi, but thats quite a distance and some expense. I cant think of any gadget that i would go to that length to get.

    I hope that it wasnt defective!