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In Win's 2015 Concept Tower Looks Like A Transformer

In Win loves to go crazy with design. The computer chassis that come out of the In Win's design offices are often quite spectacular. The company embraces that fact and runs with it like no other.

Computex 2015 marks the release of the 6th generation of In Win's limited edition concept design case. Past cases in this lineup have included last year's S-Frame, which was available in multiple colors, but sold in limited numbers, and 2013's unique H-Frame design, which was comprised of several parallel aluminum sheets that were spaced apart for airflow throughout. This year's Concept Design is called the H-Tower, and it doesn't hold back on the wild. In fact, In Win dialed it up to 11 this year.

When closed, the case is the typical shape of a tower, but what really makes it unique is the way it opens up. The side panels open from the four corners into eight pieces, while the internals get tilted upwards. With the case open it allows for easy installation or maintenance. It almost looks like a transformer in this state. Included in the case is a set of laser lights that line the sections that open up. A smartphone app is available that can be used to control the lighting effects. It's hard to describe, but the pictures tell the story.

The case supports motherboards from mATX to E-ATX, power supplies as long as 220 mm and as many as eight PCI-E expansion cards (or four dual slot graphics cards). Four USB 3.1 ports with one of them being Type C are found on the case. In Win also made sure to support ample cooling options. There are three 120 mm top mounted fan mounts, which can accommodate a 360 mm radiator for water cooling. Air cooled heatsinks that are 195 mm or less can be installed without a problem.

The H-Tower case may have been shown by Asus, but the full reveal of the case is still to come. Apparently we ain't seen nothing yet.

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