LCD Screens and ARGB Come to CPU Air Coolers With Deepcool's New Lineup

DeepCool CPU air coolers with digital displays
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Cooling specialist DeepCool has released three new CPU air coolers based on its existing tried and trusted tower form factor product stack. Obviously, the new DeepCool AK400 Digital, AK500 Digital, and AK620 Digital are new versions of the AK400, AK500 and AK620. What makes these the new Digital Series is the addition of "a crystal-clear digital screen" to the top of the tower heatsinks.

LCD screens are becoming the early-2020s answer to RGB bling. However, they aren't quite as superfluous, with most component makers demonstrating that the screens are useful for real-time system monitoring information. DeepCool follows this trend, and on all of these new Digital Series coolers, you can configure the display using software to show CPU temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), CPU utilization, or both of these variables - in real time. DeepCool's accessory software also has a built-in alarm function.

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We don't have any specs for the screens on these new coolers. However, they appear to be quite simple calculator-style LCD displays with backlighting. So you aren't going to be able to send any videos or animations that you might like to play on them.

Just because these new coolers have status monitor displays on the top doesn't mean that ARGB lighting has been cast aside. All three new models also feature ARGB LED strips that can be controlled by all the popular supported standards like AURA Sync, RGB Fusion, Mystic Light, etc.

(Image credit: DeepCool)

The entry level AK400 Digital is the slimmest of the new bunch, equipped with a single FDB (fluid dynamic bearing) FK120 fan. Rated for cooling up to 220 W, this cooler is going to easily take a non-overclocked 65 W TDP processor in its stride, and probably more. Surprisingly, the larger AK500 Digital's cooling capacity is only claimed to be 20 W more, and the sizable twin-fan AK620 Digital adds another 20 W to its rating, with claims that it is capable of dissipating 260 W. For some insight into how these Digital Series coolers should perform, please check out both our DeepCool AK500 review, and our DeepCool AK620 review - both products scored very well.

As modern cooling products, these new DeepCool AK Digital Series designs are compatible with the latest Intel LGA 1700 and AMD AM5 sockets as well as older designs like LGA 1200 / 1151 / 1150 / 1155 and AM4. DeepCool says that its all-metal mounting bracket is sturdy, and easy to use with a simple five step fixing process.

There are some drawbacks to these Digital Series CPU air coolers to make you aware of. Firstly, we note that these designs command an approximate $10 price premium. We have also discussed some limits to the capabilities of the built-in displays, above. Lastly, we must highlight the requirement for three cables attached to the CPU cooler to access the full gamut of functions (fan, ARGB lighting, and display).

The AK Digital Series was originally revealed in China in mid-July. When we checked today we found they are listed at retail in the US, with Amazon pricing of the DeepCool AK400 Zero Dark Digital Display Edition at $52.60, ranging up to the DeepCool AK620 Zero Dark Digital Display Edition at $79.98. These prices don't look great compared to the Euro prices previously announced, so it might be worth waiting for more buying options. If you would like a white version of one of these AK Digital Series coolers, they are expected to become available in September.

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    Hmm.... maybe I get one with a display, connect a mirror inside the case, and then have it project onto another screen on my tower's front faceplate. Sort of like a HUD for my case. :)