NZXT Launches Overhauled CAM 3.0 PC Monitoring Tool

NZXT announced that it is releasing version 3.0 of its popular CAM PC monitoring software. The newest edition has been made easier to use for beginners by including step-by-step tutorial guides to help you get familiarized with the PC monitoring. The app also has a new Basic view that shows the most important stats in an easy to read format.

NZXT said the CAM 3.0 software can access community cloud data, which enables the company to provide average load and idle temperatures of your CPU and GPU so you can compare your own results to rule out any performance issues.

NZXT said it has included an Advanced view that will let you select which components you’d like to monitor. There is also an Expanded view that displays the minimum and maximum stats, and a full-screen mode that shows all stats on screen at the same time.

The software includes a Games page that provides a graph that keeps track of your FPS in your most recent gaming session. The company said the graph shows the minimum, average and maximum FPS.

NZXT said that CAM 3.0 has a completely new look on both PC and mobile. The software is free and is available now for download from the company’s website.

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  • AdmiralDonut
    It would be real nice if I could actually use the new CAM software, but the only thing I get is the CAMFPS garbage. Nothing else works. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Running Windows 10, latest updates etc etc.
  • WildCard999
    Works fine on Win7 Pro. Temps are identical to HWmonitor but uses much more resources.

    HWmonitor - 8mb
    CAM/CAM FPS - 128mb

    Obviously its not a big deal but I think its worth noting. Still its a pretty good program, allows you to update NZXT drivers and has a few customization options such as disabling notifications and turning off the auto-start when windows launches which is nice.
  • Caanis Lupus
    I will have to try this version out. Had to disable it from auto starting on Windows 10 Pro, crashed 2-3 times a day.

    Also this is the software to change led colors/fan speed for the x61 Kraken in my case.
  • jeffrey J
    It took me a while to get the old cam working properly so I'm gonna skip this one. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.