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PC Won't Stay in Sleep Mode: Windows 10 Update Blamed

(Image credit: Daria Minaeva/Shutterstock)

How much can an optional Windows 10 update break? It's starting to seem like Microsoft tried to find out with the KB4535996 update, because Windows Latest reported Saturday that the update has prevented certain devices from staying in sleep mode.

The report cited numerous complaints from Windows 10 users who installed the KB4535996 update. Some claimed the update stopped their devices from going into sleep mode at all; others said it automatically woke up their devices every few hours.

The severity of this problem largely depends on the kind of device someone's using. Leaving a desktop PC on for hours might draw additional power, sure, but laptops could end up wasting their battery life while they're supposed to be conserving it.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only reported problem with the KB4535996 update. Initial reports indicated that people were contending with random freezes, issues with sound adapters and other problems. (Assuming they were able to install it in the first place.) Other Windows 10 users reported that the update led to increased boot times, performance issues and problems with Sign Tool.  Windows Latest also reported issues with crashing and disappearing graphics cards, among other things.

Yet, so far these complaints appear to have fallen on deaf ears: the support article for the KB4535996 update still claims that "Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues with this update."

At this point, addressing problems with Windows Search--the main reason for the update--doesn't seem worth all these potential and unaddressed issues. 

  • wmdavid.wallace
    I keep my PC right up to date most of the time. Recently I found that my PC would not remain asleep if I clicked on the sleep option however if I set my mouse on a nearby shelf and briefly used the power button (which on this system is set to sleep) then all was well. As best I can tell the slightest mouse activity wakes the machine. I tried setting my PC not to wake on mouse activity ( thru Device Manager as best I recall ) but that did not help. My mouse and keyboard are wireless Logitech devices. Not sure if this is the same issue you are seeing or not.