Phanteks Debuts its Cute RGB-Ready Mini Evolv Speakers

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Phanteks’ most award-winning product is without-a-doubt its Evolv ATX chassis. From the sandblasted aluminum panels, to the impressive internal layout, its a model that has always been the premium kingpin in the company’s collection of cases, so why not make them into cute little desktop speakers too?! At CES 2020 Phanteks is launching its first generation of desktop speakers the Evolv Sound Mini based loosely on the design of the Evolv X, but with speakers, and RGB. 

Phanteks Evolv Sound Mini 2.0 Speaker System 

This tiny 2.0 speaker system comes in an ABS plastic and fabric finish and will be available for either a worryingly, or impressively, low price of £26.90/$29.99 this January. 

For that outlay you get two Evolv-like satellite speakers, a couple of cables and that’s about it. The main unit, is powered by a USB C cable to a plug, and the two satellites are connected together via a removable Micro-USB cable to allow for the RGB lighting to sync seamlessly. For input all you get is a 3.5mm audio jack. In a weird way this actually makes them quite portable, as you won’t have to worry about damaging power leads or anything along those lines, and if you do you can just swap them out for an aftermarket alternative.

The Evolv Sound Mini also has digital-RGB LED lighting integrated into the front of both of the units in a similar style to the Evolv X chassis. You can control this via buttons on the side of the main satellite. Because, you know RGB. 

We only hope Phanteks hasn’t sacrificed good sound quality for a little extra lighting, especially on such a tight budget. Sadly there’s no word on frequency response or distortion ratios, or whether we’ll get to see a teeny tiny subwoofer shaped like the Evolv Shift.

 Phanteks Eclipse P300A Budget Chassis 

(Image credit: Phanteks)

Next up on the list of launches is the Phanteks Eclipse P300A. Similar in scope to the Phanteks Eclipse P400A that the company launched last year, the 300A brings that high airflow mesh front panel down to the Eclipse P300’s budget busting level, giving PC enthusiasts on a tight purse string a solid and dependable case with good airflow at a very impressive price. There’s not a lot new here aside from that front mesh panel, but the P300 is already an impressive piece of kit so we don't mind too much. The P300A will be available at the end of this month, for $60/£49.

Phanteks Glacier D120 Distribution Plate 

(Image credit: Phanteks)

Last up we have Phanteks’ latest Glacier D120 distribution plate. Designed to make liquid-cooling easier, these distribution plates are fantastic additions to any loop. Following on from the D140 released last year (and which we used in our 4K SLI Gaming Build), the D120 looks to improve on the compatibility by fitting into a single 120mm rear fan slot, and only covering the top fan mount location as well, unlike the D140 which also covers the PCIe mounting locations too. This will help with case compatibility significantly.

It's also ideal for those looking to liquid-cool ITX cases as it gives you additional options as to how to run your loop between your CPU, your GPU and your top radiator. And let’s face it, it looks pretty cool too. Sporting an acrylic top, mirror-finished backplate and of course digital RGB lighting as well, it’s not without its feature set, and will be available at the end of this month for just £65/$75.

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