PowerColor’s External Graphics 'Gaming Box' Made For Devils And Dragons

At Computex, PowerColor will expand its line of external graphics docks with the addition of the Gaming Box. Although few details are available at this time, we can assume it will have similar functionality to that of the original Devil Box.

Although certainly PowerColor would like you to pair the Gaming Box up with its own line of Red Devil or Red Dragon Radeon RX 500 series cards, the external graphics dock is designed to support various graphics cards from AMD or Nvidia.

As with eGFX enclosures from manufacturers such as Razer, Asus, Gigabyte and Alienware, the Gaming Box will presumably connect to its host system via Thunderbolt 3 over USB Type-C connectors and have its own internal power supply. The benefit of an internal power supply with a Type-C port capable of Power Delivery is that not only does it supply juice to the power-hungry GPU, it also enables you to charge connected accessories and devices. On PowerColor's predecessor to the Gaming Box, the ports feature Power Delivery so it was able to charge a connected laptop, for example.

Questions about (the lack of) specs and features aside, the real mystery here is pricing. One of the main drawbacks of external graphics docks is the prohibitively high cost. PowerColor’s Devil Box currently retails for $450 on Newegg, with no graphics card.

We expect more details next week at Computex 2017.

  • RomeoReject
    $450... Ouch. Make no mistake, I understand that there's a lot of work that has to happen to make this work, but that is more expensive than most GPUs are!