Raijintek Releases Zofos Evo RGB-Lit Full-Tower Chassis

Raijintek has released a new full-tower chassis, the Zofos Evo, that combines massive storage and cooling potential with stately RGB-lit accents and sound insulation.

After the bevy of recent announcements of new mid towers, seeing a new full-tower case released is like a breath of fresh air. Raijintek is adding to the underserved market for big cases with big hardware support, and it’s doing so without following the triple-fan-behind-glass look that’s become weirdly popular.

The new Zofos Evo doesn’t have glass on all sides, and it doesn’t have RGB lighting up the ying-yang. Instead, the case has a clean yet angular faceplate that’s highlighted by discrete RGB accent lighting accents. There are two options for the Zofos’ left-side panel: tempered glass and steel. The steel side panel, called the ‘Silent’ option, comes with additional sound insulation to add to the insulated top, front, and right-side panels.

Raijintek has made full use of the space available inside the Zofos Evo. Unlike Cougar’s recently launched full tower, which supported a disappointing number of drives, Raijintek’s won’t leave enthusiasts of old-school magnetic storage hanging. The Zofos Evo can fit up to 10 3.5” drives in drive cages and up to three 2.5” drives behind the motherboard tray. The case also has spots for two 5.25” drives, but unless you want to be pulling the front panel off to access them, it’s best to use these slots for inward-facing devices such as fan controllers and bay-mounted reservoirs.

Moving on to main hardware, the Zofos Evo supports motherboards up to EE-ATX, GPUs up to 470mm in length, and PSUs up to 350mm in length. Of the 12 expansion slots in total, 10 are stacked vertically and two are stacked in a horizontal orientation. Using these slots and an included flexible PCI-e cable, one GPU can be mounted horizontally.

As would be expected, the Zofos Evo has ample room for cooling. The front fits three 120mm or 140mm fans, the top fits either three 120mm or two 140mm fans, and the rear one 120mm or 140mm fan. A radiator can fit without issue at the top, but the drive cages will have to be removed to fit a radiator at the front. If you’re planning on using those drive slots, air cooling would be the better choice. This case fits coolers up to 190mm, so there won’t be any restrictions.

The Raijintek Zofos Evo glass and silent version are available in Europe now at MSRPs equivalent to $196 and $202. We’ve asked Raijintek when the Zofos Evo will arrive in North America.

Raijintek Zofos Evo Full Tower ATX Case
  • jpe1701
    I think you meant 2 vertical and 10 horizontal expansion slots.
  • BaRoMeTrIc
    Holy a case that looks good and supports 10 3.5 inch drives. Could make my plex look sexy.