RSS-Feeds and Content Syndication

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Tom's Hardware's RSS Feeds offers readers several different RSS Feeds to view our content for our various Web sites. To receive those feeds, please click on one or more of these URLs, or copy and paste the URL into your RSS reader or news aggregator:

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Tom's Hardware's RSS Feeds are structured according to Version 2.0 and include the title, a short description and the date of an article or a news feature. To view the complete text, simply click on the given link, which will lead you to the article or news feature. Please note that editorial content remains protected by copyright laws. Content must not be copied or re-distributed without written consent of Tom's Hardware.

Who can use the Tom's Hardware RSS Feeds?

The Feeds can be received by any RSS reader software. Additionally, private and commercial websites are welcome to include the RSS Feeds in their sites. However, we require that these Feeds are connected with Tom's Hardware as a brand and with a link to our website and a Tom's Hardware logo is displayed. These items are included in the header of the feed, you do not need to request them separately.

Tom's Hardware News Team

Tom's Hardware's dedicated news crew consists of both freelancers and staff with decades of experience reporting on the latest developments in CPUs, GPUs, super computing, Raspberry Pis and more.