NEC, Samsung show advanced 3.5" display technologies at SID

NEC and Samsung demonstrated new display technologies for mobile devices such as GPS systems and portable multimedia players that could improve the display quality in upcoming product generations.

Exhibiting at the SID 2006 tradeshow in San Francisco, NEC showcased a sample of its 3.5" amorphous-silicon TFT display. The device offers QVGA resolution (240x320) and integrates NEC's proprietary "super-reflective natural light TFT (SR-NLT) technology," which promises better readability on mobile screens than in today's products. NEC said that the LCD provides a viewing angle of 170 degrees, a contrast ratio of 500:1 and a reflectivity of 15% - specifications that are common in higher end mainstream desktop LCDs but rare in mobile devices.

The company did not say when the display will be available for mass production.

Samsung also showed a new idea for 3.5" displays. The firm's 3.5" HTSP ("hybrid touch screen panel") also provides QVGA resolution and integrates all sensor circuitry within the panel. As a result, the display may enable the development of thinner and lighter mobile devices, "while maintaining a bright, high contrast image," Samsung said.