"Seamless" triple-monitor announced

Stock traders and flight simulator addicts will probably drool over Seamless Display's new triple-monitor display. The Radius320 display uses special lenses to virtually erase the pesky seam lines between the monitors and gives an almost uninterrupted picture.

Seamless Display says the seam lines are eliminated by placing a lens in front of each panel to stretch out the borders. The stretched borders make a clear and uninterrupted picture, according to Seamless, and only leave a faint "shadow of a line".

The display measures 50" diagonally and has a 350 cd/m brightness along with a 500 to 1 contrast ratio. The response time at 16 ms is not that great compared to modern LCD monitors designed for gaming. Buyers will need a graphics card that can handle three DVI inputs.

The company has been around since 2002 and was formed by former Oxford University researchers. Seamless Display has made other monitors including a 45" 7680 by 4800 pixel display that was shown off to government buyers at the 2004 GEOINT conference in New Orleans.

No price is specified on the website, but Seamless Display promises to email back more details to people who fill out a request form. According to German website Golem.de, the monitor will be available in early 2007 for around $16,000.