Shuttle launches first quad-core SFF workstations

City of Industry (CA) - Small Form factor PC company Shuttle announced the availability of the XPC P2 3700w line of high performance workstations, becoming the company's first set of products to include quad-core technology.

The new workstation comes standard with Intel's quad-core Xeon X3210 processor and can be built to include as much as 8 GB of DDR2 ECC memory and up to 2.2 TB of storage space. Additionally, the 64-bit version of Windows Vista Business is available as a pre-installed option.

The 3700w, which Shuttle says is a fit for digital professionals like animators, video editors, and game designers, also can be built to include any of ATI's or Nvidia's top level graphics cards, such as the ATI FireGL and the Nvidia Quadro line.

The new 3700w line is available now, with prices starting at around $1650.