SilverStone Displays Case Lineup and 1350W PSU

Temjin TJ12

This is a concept case with an amazing 19 slot spaces. There you can see crammed inside are six dual-slot cards -- that's four GTX 480 and two GTX 580. Yes, it can play anything you throw at it.


This one has 9 slot spaces, three 120 mm fans, steel body, and a choice between aluminum or plastic front panel.


This one is a mini-ITX case with a steel body and aluminum front panel. 1 x 180 mm fan.


Micro ATX case, steel body, aluminum front panel. 1 x 180 mm fan, 1 x 120 mm fan.

GD07, GD08

These are meant for the living room, like in a HTPC. These two models differ mostly in bay configuration.


All aluminum-made passive PSU with no fan meant for servers and workstations.


1350 watt, 80 Plus Silver. Six rails for server mode and one rail for OC mode, with a switch. There's also a switch to increase the fan speed.

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  • iam2thecrowe
    1350w 24/7 at 50C. Wow. I'd like to see someone to put that PSU to the test.
  • joytech22
    The micro ATX case with the Xfired cards looks really cool, I wonder how well it copes under load.
  • soo-nah-mee
    Wow. Up to an 11.25 amp draw @ 120v. Hope the wiring in your house is good! I run 400 gallons of aquariums at 81 deg. F with less wattage!