Silverstone Shows Off Two More Cases At CES Including Tiny Mini-ITX RVZ02

In addition to the three cases that SilverStone has already demonstrated just a couple days prior to the show, the company also has two more cases it is announcing: the Kublai KL06 and the Raven RVZ02.

Of the two, the Raven RVZ02 is without a doubt the most interesting to the majority of us, as it follows in the footsteps of the original RVZ01, which brought a compact, yet very capable Mini-ITX enclosure to the table. It measures 350 x 350 mm and is only 80 mm wide, or thick, depending on how you place it. It has an internal capacity of 9.8 liters, which actually makes it about 30 percent smaller than its predecessor. Additionally, it also has a sleeker design, which together make it look a lot more appealing. SilverStone claims that the case is now close enough in size to living room consoles, meaning it will also fit in furniture or stand next to it without drawing too much attention to itself.

Inside it there is room for an SFX PSU, a single dual-slot graphics card (with the case fortunately, still supporting full-size graphics cards) using a PCI-Express riser. Add an SSD and you have your own self-built equivalent to a console, but with the power of a gaming PC. More details were not available immediately, so stay tuned for more when we pass by SilverStone's booth at the show. Considering how packed the original Raven RVZ01 was, and that this one is 30 percent smaller, we're going to assume that it does make a number of sacrifices internally, and that it doesn't actually succeed the RVZ01, but rather that it will be placed next to it in the product stack.

Silverstone is also formally announcing the Kublai KL06, although this case has no resemblance to the previous case. Instead, it's a modular Micro-ATX case with compact dimensions and support for plenty of hardware.

Depending on the internal configuration you opt to use, you will be able to fit up to a 180 mm power supply, two 5.25" optical drives, a single 3.5" hard drive, eight 2.5" drives, two full-length (up to 14.4 inches long and 6.69 inches wide) dual-slot graphics cards, and three 120 mm fans.

Almost everything inside the case can be removed, too, ranging from the motherboard tray to the hard drive cage and more. The hard drive cage can be moved to different locations in the case to make way for different thicknesses of liquid cooling radiators, or to add a bit more space above the motherboard, depending on your priorities.

The end result is that this case measures 211 x 375 x 405 mm, which for a Micro-ATX case is relatively compact.

Silverstone did not reveal information on pricing and availability.

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  • RedJaron
    Looking really good, especially the Kublai, but I want to see pricing even more.
  • Lutfij
    The RVZ02 would be on my wish/release watch list!
  • g-unit1111
    I very badly want to do a Steam Box / console killer build. That RVZ02 looks pretty sweet.