SilverStone Sugo SFF Case Supports Quad-Slot GPUs

SilverStone Sugo 17
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SilverStone maxed-out one of its best known SFF chassis series at Computex this year. The latest iteration of the SilverStone Sugo chassis comes in a segment busting 23.5 liters, with the firm’s own SFF definition being 23 liters or less. However, for those who don’t mind the extra half liter, there are lots of advantages to the Sugo 17, in terms of its capacity for the most powerful components available in 2023.

One of the major stand-out features of the new Sugo 17, is its GPU support. Regular readers can’t have failed to notice that mid-to high end GPU dimensions have ballooned with the latest generation graphics cards from both AMD and Nvidia. Thus, SilverStone’s Sugo 17 getting support for quad-slot GPUs will be very welcome to power-users.

In our images of the SilverStone Sugo from the halls of Computex, you can see that the firm has installed one of the latest and greatest GeForce cards to show it can fit, with room to spare.

Another aspect of the panels-off images you cannot fail to notice is the array of other fans accommodated by the chassis. SilverStone says that the Sugo 17 can fit 360mm radiators top and side, but you could also add in six 120mm case fans. The picture appears to show one radiator at the side for CPU cooling, plus a trio of 120mm case fans up top.

(Image credit: Future)

If we look at the other side of the open case, a quartet of 80mm case fans are visible across the upper portion of the case. These fans are meant to speed the evacuation of hot air from your GPU out through the case vents. Thanks to this design, SilverStone reckons that even a GeForce RTX 4090 can run within the confines of the SG17 at full speed.

Another nicety with the new Sugo 17 is buyers can choose and install a full sized ATX power supply. Opening up this option is a smart move with the capacity and cooling here encouraging users to equip the most powerful CPUs and GPUs.

We also noticed that SilverStone claims the Sugo 17 is both Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX compatible. This opens up a lot more motherboard choices with this generation, as the Sugo 16, Sugo 15 and Sugo 14 were all limited to Mini-DTX and Mini-ITX choices, according to the firm’s product pages. You might be thinking that anything is possible if you simply inflate the chassis size / capacity, but 23.5 liters isn’t a lot bigger than the previous generations. Admittedly, the Sugo 16 was comparatively small 13 liters, but the Sugo 15 and Sugo 14 were both over 19 liters.

SilverStone is probably best known for its SFF PC cases, though it also sells a good selection of larger cases, cooling accessories, and power supplies. We highlighted the innovative IceMyst AiO coolers with directional fans during Computex week, and we took a closer look at the interesting Alta F2 premium super tower chassis in the same article.

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  • Albert.Thomas
    This looks nice, but does it even count as SFF at that size?
  • bit_user
    Albert.Thomas said:
    This looks nice, but does it even count as SFF at that size?
    I think it's mainly just deep. If you look at the photo of the rear, the height doesn't seem much greater than the mini-ITX motherboard. The width isn't much more than than a full-height PCIe card plugged into the motherboard. So, I think it's not much bigger than most mini-ITX chassis of that layout, with the exception of depth.

    I have a similar chassis layout that's not as deep, and it was one of the smaller mini-ITX cases available at the time. At least, among those capable of fitting an ATX PSU and a decent 2.5-slot GPU.
  • Pollopesca
    So, its a Micro-ATX case missing a few standoffs?