Sony's $199 DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Preorders Start Next Week

Sony DualSense Edge wireless controller
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Sony first took the wraps off the DualSense Edge controller at Gamescom back in August. Now it has released a lot of important controller information, alongside pre-order and availability details and pricing. Key facts relayed by the PlayStation blog today are the full scale of the changes compared to the standard PS5 DualSense design, and that pre-orders will open up a week from today (Tuesday, Oct 26) at $199.99 USD/¥29,980 (including tax)/€239.99/£209.99. The company says hardware will ship from Sony on Thursday, January 26, 2023, and third-party retailers won’t get stock until February 23.

(Image credit: Sony)

High price aside (which we'll touch on more down below), Sony has really pushed the boat out with the DualSense Edge wireless controller customization, configuration, and modularity options. The device will be hardware configurable right out of the box, with buyers being presented with various choices for stick caps, buttons/levers, and more. Check out the bullet points below for an easy-to-digest summary of what the Sony DualSense Edge wireless controller delivers.

Key features, at a glance:

  • Swappable stick caps
  • Replaceable stick modules
  • Changeable back buttons
  • Customizable button mapping
  • Trigger stops can be adjusted
  • Stick dead zones can be configured
  • Stick sensitivity can be tuned
  • Adaptive triggers with haptic feedback
  • Braided USB connector cable with lockable housing connector
  • Quick-swap controller profile sets
  • Unified carry, organizer and charging case provided
  • Works with PS5 and PC / Steam
  • Keeps same comfortable ergonomic design as the standard DualSense controller

Of the above, probably the star attractions are: the reappearance of back buttons (and the swappable button / lever choices here), and the granular adjustments available for trigger and stick movement. Moreover, the haptic feedback features will still be present however you adjust the trigger pull.

PC gamers have a number of options to use the existing PS5 DualSense controller via PC, which should carry over. Using the configuration tools in Steam is a popular option. And as many of the new Sony DualSense Edge wireless controller features are in its configurability and hardware, it doesn’t look like it will need any work to be done to be used on PC. Remember, numerous new console-style game experiences that hit the PC offer DualSense support directly, including the use of its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Such titles include Spider-Man, AC Valhalla, Genshin Impact, Death Stranding, F1 2022, and more.

Retail package contents (Image credit: Sony)

Of course, the controller's price is also a stand-out feature. Standard Sony DualSense wireless controllers, in black or white, are currently available for $70, and are sometimes on sale as low as $60. At about triple this sum, the Sony DualSense Edge wireless controller will be too much for many to feel worthwhile. 

Even with joystick issues being a common problem for aging game controllers, and the easily swappable joystick modules being a quick and accessible repair for the premium controller, it would take years to ‘break even.’ And we don’t yet know how much Sony will charge for replacement stick modules.

Still, with companies selling custom third-party controllers at high prices for years, it's unsurprising that Sony wants to take a crack at that market. I will at least be interesting to see what a first-party premium option can deliver. 

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