Get 'Skyrim VR' Free With Sony's New PSVR Bundle

Sony is doubling down with PlayStation VR bundles in time for the holiday season. Last week, the company brought the Gran Turismo PSVR bundle to North America. Today, the company revealed there’s also a Skyrim VR bundle coming.

When Sony released the PlayStation VR last year, the company offered two bundle packages. One was the Core bundle, which included the PSVR HMD and the Processor Box that you need to plug it in to your computer. With the Core Bundle option, if you didn’t have a PlayStation Camera already, you had to buy one separately. The other was the PlayStation VR Worlds Bundle, which included everything from the Core Bundle as well as a camera and two Move controllers for motion control games. The PSVR Worlds Bundle also included a the PSVR Worlds game, which featured a handful of short experiences to give you a taste of what PSVR can do.

In August, Sony announced that it would be revising the PSVR bundle packages. The new Core Bundle would include a camera in the box at no extra cost. Sony also announced a price cut for the PSVR Worlds bundle, which brought the price down to $449.

In October, Sony released a Gran Turismo Sport PSVR Bundle in Europe, and last week, it announced that the GT Sport package would come to North America, too. Curiously, the GT Sport PSVR bundle comes with the original release of the PSVR headset, even though Sony revealed a revised PSVR unit in early October. If you’re holding out for the improved headset and HDR-compatible Processor Box, the Skyrim VR bundle is a safe purchase. Sony confirmed that the PlayStation VR Skyrim VR bundle would include the latest version of Sony’s VR hardware, including the headset with revised headphone cable, the HDR-compatible processor box, and two new Move controllers with Micro-USB ports.

The Skyrim package should be a no-brainer for anyone interested in PlayStation VR this holiday season. The PSVR Worlds games is a great introduction to VR, but it's little more than a demo disk. Skyrim VR should provide dozens of hours of virtual exploration, which few VR games today can offer.

The PlayStation VR Skyrim VR Bundle is available for pre-order now for $449. The bundle and game arrive on November 17.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.