Hide Your Wallets, Steam's Summer Sale Starts Today

The annual Steam Summer Sale is here to empty your bank account. Valve’s annual post-E3 sales kicked off today, and as usual, there are some excellent gaming deals to be had. Whether you are into indie games, prefer the latest AAA hits, or game at the cutting edge of technology with the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, Valve’s Steam Summer Sale will probably have a good deal for you.

Summer Picnic

The Steam Summer Picnic Sale started at 11am PT today, and it will wrap up at 11am on Independence Day (July 4). Between now and then, you’ll have the chance to pick from thousands of discounted titles. Discounts range from 10 percent to as much as 80 percent. 

Ashes of the Singularity, currently one of the only DX12 games available, is on sale for 50 percent off. Fallout 4, one of 2015’s most highly acclaimed titles, is also half price for the sale. And you might be surprised to see the new Doom game, which has been out for only six weeks, boast a 40 percent price cut for the next week and a half. Other notable sales include Assassin’s Creed Syndicate with a 35 percent price cut and the Deus Ex franchise, which has been slashed by 75 percent.

VR Games

This is the first Steam sale since the release of the HTC Vive, and virtual reality games have not been left off of the For Sale table. The price for Cloudlands: Mini Golf has been cut in half, Hover Junkers has been discounted by 30 percent, and Audioshield is selling for 75 percent off of its normal price. And if you haven’t tried Space Pirate Trainer yet, now’s your chance to get it for a 15 percent discount.

Trading Cards

Trading cards have become a big part of the Steam sale experience. During the sale period, you’ll be awarded Summer Picnic Sale trading cards each time you craft a game badge or make a purchase on Steam. If you’ve reached Steam Level 5 or higher, you can also earn up to three cards per day for browsing your Discovery Queue.

The Summer Sale trading cards will be available to trade or purchase from the Steam Community Market for the duration of the sale. Once the sale completes, you won’t be able to trade the cards anymore, and any unfinished sets will disappear.

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  • problematiq
    No! Gabe! stop taking my money!
  • grimfox
    I still have games from last summer's sale I haven't gotten too.
  • jimmysmitty
  • sh4dow83
    No thanks. Got everything I want from GOG already.
  • problematiq
    I'm sitting at 531 games and 544 DLC I don't NEED anymore games >.< ahh who am i kidding i'll probably buy another 10 games at least this sale.
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    Looks like Game Of Steam uses Hairworks!
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    We want Half-Life 3, we want Half-Life 3...c'mon Gabe!
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    So far this sale doesn't look too great. Hopefully it gets better.
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    Oh Hell No! I'm still farming for tomes in WOW! LOL!
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    I came across this link yesterday and appropriately hid my wallet so I could finish building my pergola.

    OMG OMG Steam Summer Sale