Streacom's Crazy Fanless Chassis Has 600W of Quiet Cooling

Streacom 600W Passive Cooling Chassis
(Image credit: Twitter)

Streacom; known for its untraditional case designs, has teased an all-new project involving a brand new PC chassis with an insane amount of cooling capability, all without the need for case fans. The passive cooler is capable of handling up to 420W GPUs and 195W CPUs; combined that is over 600W of cooling power.

Designed to compete with the best PC cases, the chassis itself is wrapped by four tempered glass panels, two for the sides and two for the front and rear. On the top is where all the magic happens, a massive (albeit heavy) metal block that cools both the CPU and the GPU.

Streamcom Tests the Cooling

(Image credit: Streamcom via Kickstarter)

As noted on the GoFundMe page, the cooler uses a dielectric fluid that works similarly to a vapor chamber cooler. The heat pipes are all sealed shut from the factory, so the 'loop' is maintenance-free.

That is all we have to go on, for now. Hopefully, Streacom will get all the resources it needs to finally build this product and ship it to consumers. A computer chassis with a 600W passive cooler is something that doesn't exist on the market today but would be very handy in a world where CPUs and GPUs are getting more and power-hungry.

Aaron Klotz
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