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Mount Your PC To the Wall With Thermaltake's Core P5 ATX Case

If you've ever felt like typical computer cases don't display your hardware to your satisfaction, Thermaltake might just have the answer for you. The company has revealed its latest creation, the Core P5 ATX Mid Tower open frame case, and it offers unobstructed views of all the fancy components in your system.

The Core P5 can be positioned in three different configurations. It can stand vertically on two legs to be used on a table or the floor. It can also be positioned horizontally on a table or desk. The third option is to remove the feet and hang it from the wall, putting the PC on display through the large pane of glass covering the components.

The entire case is an open frame design. The base of it is similar to a test rig. All of the components attach to the base, and the pane of glass is there simply to protect the hardware. The sides of the case are not sealed in any way, allowing for plenty of airflow, and unobstructed views from all angles.

The Core P5 is designed for ATX motherboards, but it will accommodate mini-ITX and mATX boards, as well. The case has eight expansion slots, and room for up to four graphics cards. Thermaltake has cleverly designed the expansion slots to be modular. When the case is oriented vertically, the expansion slots can be rotated 90 degrees to take the weight off of the PCIe slots. The case includes a riser cable for one card to be used in this configuration.

Even with a full size motherboard installed, the Core P5 has space for a fairly large water cooling system. Along the right side of the chassis's base is a vent large enough to handle four 120 mm fans, and even a 480 mm radiator. In between the motherboard and the fan vents is enough space to mount a large reservoir and the pump.

Thermaltake has included mounts for up to four hard drives on the Core P5. On the front side of the motherboard tray you'll find one mount that can hold a 3.5- or 2.5-inch drive. One the back side of the tray are three more mounts that can also support both sizes of hard drive. The rear side of the tray offers 45 mm of cable management space, as well.

Thermaltake said it is embracing the maker movement and is offering 3D printable parts to customize the Core P5 in unique ways. The company will soon release 3D models of different components that people with 3D printers can modify for their own needs.

The Core P5 case will be released on October 15 with a suggested price of $169.99. Pre-orders are open now at

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