Thermaltake H200 Headset is Cheap, Multicolored Fun

Typically when you hear the words 'budget' and 'headset' together, the mind conjures up some poorly-strewn together device, destined to fall apart in a short time. After spending some time with the $39.99 Thermaltake H200 gaming headset, I'm happy to report that these cans will buck the trend.

Available in by the end of the year, the headset is lightweight and comfortable to the point I barely felt anything once I put them on. There was some slight pressure after a few minutes, but it felt more like a gentle hug.

But my favorite thing about the H200s is the actual ear caps, which glowed in an undulating rainbow effect Thermaltake is calling its 3D RGB color illumination design. It looks like you're wearing two swirling balls of color over your ears. In order to get the colors a-movin', you'll have to plug in the cans USB plug. Otherwise, you're just missing out on the multicolored fun.

Thanks to its 53-millimeter drivers, the H200s deliver rich sound with crisp detail, which is what you'll need to need to hear enemies sneaking up on you -- or to enjoy a jam or two. Although it was rather loud on the Computex 2018 show floor, I managed to hear a can track that demonstrated the headsets ability to reproduce clean highs. I'm looking forward to testing the sound quality in the peace and quiet of the Tom's Guide office soon.

Overall, the Thermaltake H200 headset is a fun, playful way to let your gamer flag fly. Its relatively light weight should allow for hours of comfortable gameplay with good audio quality. And, you'll look pretty boss doing it.

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Sherri L. Smith
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