Mix And Match Custom Coolant Colors With Thermaltake's TT Premium Concentrate Series

Thermaltake launched its TT Premium Concentrate Series and the C1000 Pure Clear Coolant, which allows consumers to create custom coolant colors without compromising thermal performance. The company stated that this new high performance coolant is virtually odorless, non-flammable, and made in Germany. Both C1000 series coolants feature anti-corrosion protection for copper, nickel, brass, and aluminum; has a boiling point of 165℃; a freezing point of -20℃; and a three-year shelf life when stored in airtight containers.

From the press release:

Specially designed to be used in all water cooling systems, the TT Premium Concentrate Series is a ready-to-mix, anti-corrosive and fully biodegradable concentrate with 8 colors that allows PC enthusiasts to customize the coolant color whilst protecting the cooling components and the environment. The TT Premium Concentrate Series is recommended for use with the C1000 Opaque White Coolant or the latest C1000 Pure Clear Coolant.

The TT Premium Concentrate Series features Blue, Green, Acid Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, and Black. It should be noted that the acid green is UV reactive. What's that you say? Your favorite color isn't on the list? No problem, you can just mix and match until you have just the right color. For example, if you're upset that you can't find pink coolant anywhere, mix a little red with the C1000 opaque white coolant until you have just the right hue of pink. It’s that simple.

Thermaltake has put together what looks like a user-friendly product that makes it simple to mix and match custom colors even as it simultaneously cools and protects your system. Believe it or not, back in the "old days," water cooling enthusiast had to rely on homebrew mixtures of clear glycol-based solutions, distilled water, anti-corrosion agents, and food coloring just to achieve a desired color. Not only were some of those concoctions poisonous, they were flammable, as well.   

While we're on the subject, although Thermaltake's TT Premium Concentrate Series is biodegradable and classified as "water hazard class 1 (low-rate endangering)," the proprietary mixture contains 50% Ethanediol (ethylene glycol) and should be handled with care. As with any ethylene glycol-based product, you should take appropriate safety measures when handling, keep out of reach of children, and avoid contact with skin and eyes.

According to the press release, product availability and pricing will vary by country and region. We reached out to Thermaltake for pricing and availability details. A company spokesperson responded (with information for the U.S. only) and informed us that the concentrated dyes will be sold individually, but also perhaps in packs of four. They'll cost $7.99 per bottle, and the C1000 Pure Clear Coolant costs $19.99 per bottle.

The colors appear to already be listed on Performance PCs, although there's no indication in the listings that these are four-packs, based on what Thermaltake told us and the price ($25), we presume that these are indeed four-packs. The C1000 Opaque Coolant White is listed for $30, and the C1000 Pure Clear Coolant is available there now, as well. According to Thermaltake, we should see listings on Amazon and Ttpremium.com within a week, and at that time you should be able to buy individual bottles instead of just four-packs.

  • G0nz0
    srsly why is anyone still using Ethylene glycol. my suggestion, just buy RIT dye and be done with it. it worked for years for the watercooling enthusiast and it still works today. yeah it will dye your tubing, but most of these dyes do aswell and honestly its 5 bucks worth of tygon. just replace it if your ever going to be changing colors.