Turtle Beach To Show Gaming Headsets, New Speaker Tech At E3

In preparation for E3 next week, Turtle Beach announced a new lineup of gaming headsets with prices ranging from $40 to $180, and each one caters to a slightly different customer.

The EAR FORCE Stealth 420X wireless gaming headset, for example, is the third officially licensed, 100 percent wireless headset designed for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. If features a system that frees the headset from all tethers and uses wireless communication back to a receiver plugged in to the Xbox One, and it has a rechargeable battery that Turtle Beach claimed can deliver up to 15 hours of use on a charge.

The new wireless headset will come equipped with perforated synthetic leather-wrapped ear cups, containing 50 mm speakers. It also features a removable, adjustable high-sensitivity boom mic with mic monitoring, and individual controls for chat and game audio.

EAR FORCE PX24 is a wired, multi-platform headset designed to work with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It comes equipped with 50 mm speakers, an adjustable microphone and an in-line battery-powered amplifier that Turtle Beach called "SuperAmp." The in-line amp is said to enable fine-tuning of the headset for any platform. SuperAmp includes audio enhancements such as superhuman hearing, variable bass boost, Turtle Beach virtual surround sound, and variable mic monitoring.

EAR FORCE Stealth 450 is a fully wireless headset designed for PC use. This headset is similar to the 420X. It features the same 15 hour battery life, and it also has the same removable, high-sensitivity boom mic and 50 mm speakers. The 450 separates itself with support for DTS Headphone: X 7.1 surround sound and custom DTS surround sound modes. Turtle Beach has also included four audio pre-sets of its own. EAR FORCE Stealth 450 includes Superhuman hearing, which is said to enhance low volume noises such as distant footsteps for a competitive advantage.

EAR FORCE Stealth 420X will launch on July 18for $179.95, and pre-orders are available now. EAR FORCE PX24 and Stealth 450 will launch later this year with MSRPs of $79.99 and $129.95, respectively.

For some more affordable options, Turtle Beach has also announced the EAR FORCE Recon series, each featuring in-line controls and designed to be lightweight and comfortable.

EAR FORCE Recon 60P is a multi platform-ready headset with extra capability when used with a Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 through a USB plug. With USB plugged in, the headset has mic-monitoring and amplified audio. While using the 3.5 mm plug, though, the headset will only deliver passive audio. The headset will include a removable and adjustable high-sensitivity boom mic and in-line volume and mic mute controls.

EAR FORCE Recon 50, 50X and 50P are three versions of the same headset targeted at different platforms. Recon 50 will work with PC, Mac and mobile devices. It includes a PC-Y universal adapter for compatibility with each. Recon 50P is targeted at Playstation owners, and Recon 50X is designed with Xbox One in mind. Each model features the same 40 mm speakers and adjustable, removable boom mic with in-line controls.

EAR FORCE Recon 30X Chat Headset is officially licensed for use with Xbox One, but it will also work with Playstation 4, PC, Mac and mobile devices. It features a single ear cup with a 40 mm speaker and a unique slotted design said to enable game play through both ears, while getting chat audio through one. 

The Recon series headsets will carry an MSRP of $24.95 for the 30X; $39.95 for the 50, 50P and 50X; and $49.95 for the 60P. Release dates for these headsets have not been given, though Turtle Beach said they will be out this year.

Headsets aren’t the only thing Turtle Beach will be showcasing at E3. The company will be holding select demonstrations of its new hearing healthcare device, HyperSound Clear. The technology behind these speakers is said to be a fundamentally new approach to sound delivery.

HyperSound Clear makes use of thin panels, which are used to generate an ultrasound beam through the air. Turtle Beach claimed that when you enter the beam you can hear 3D surround sound similar to wearing a surround sound headset. The company claimed that these new speakers have been shown to improve sound clarity and speech intelligibility in individuals with hearing loss and hopes that HyperSound Cloud will allow those people to enjoy home entertainment again.

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