ViewSonic Launches 32-Inch 4K 144 Hz Mini LED Monitor

(Image credit: ViewSonic)

There are numerous monitor technologies that make modern displays radically better than their two or three-year-old predecessors. But bringing them together is difficult since they are only just entering mass production, and may have some teething problems as well as being expensive. However, ViewSonic's latest monitor, the Elite XG321UG is a fusion which sees premium technologies brought together, and this will hit your wallet to the tune of $2,499.

The firm's new top-of-the-range 32-inch gaming display melds the best technologies the industry has today, including a 4K IPS panel, a 144Hz refresh rate that is both very sharp and fast, and a Mini LED-based 1152-zone full area local dimming (Mini LED) backlighting. This last one brings 1400 nits of peak luminance in HDR mode (400 nits in SDR) and extremely high contrast.

On top of these premium technologies, ViewSonic has added Nvidia's G-Sync Ultimate variable refresh rate capability, as well as the Reflex response time improving feature. Meanwhile, since we are dealing with a DisplayHDR 1400-compliant LCD, it must be able to display 99% of sRGB as well as 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. 

The combination of a 4K/144Hz IPS panel and a DisplayHDR 1400-compliant backlighting is an expensive one and ViewSonic's Elite XG321UG will cost $2,499 when it hits the market later in Q1 2022. 

Despite its premium capabilities, the ViewSonic Elite XG321UG is not perfect as far as connectivity is concerned, as it only sports one DisplayPort 1.4a port designed to support uncompressed 4K/144 Hz. There are three HDMI 2.0 to go with it, but these only support 4K/144Hz with a with 4:2:0 RGB/YCBCR subsampling (so forget about wide color gamuts, HDR, and DisplayHDR 1400). In addition, the LCD has a USB Type-A hub and a 3.5-mm audio output, which is pretty standard. 

And since the ViewSonic Elite XG321UG is designed for gamers, it naturally comes with customizable RGB lighting.

Anton Shilov
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  • gggplaya
    For $2500, how does this not have HDMI 2.1, so you can connect 4K 120hz to it with full color?? Like from a PS5.