DEAL: Preorder Win 7 for Less Than Half Price

With Windows 7 official pricing now out in the open, Microsoft is offering a special deal for those looking to pre-order Home Premium or Professional starting tomorrow.

The special offer from Microsoft prices the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade at $49.99 – a huge savings from the usual price of $119.99. Those looking for the Professional version can get for half price at $99.99 as part of the deal.

The deal will be offered through the Microsoft store online or at select retail partners such as Best Buy or Amazon. Stay tuned to this page for a list of all participating retailers.

Microsoft did say that supplies would be limited, but declined to offer details on just how limited. Given that it’ll be offered both online and in brick and mortar stores, we’re guessing that it’ll be something you’ll want to act on quickly, but not something you’ll need to camp out for.

This program begins tomorrow in the U.S., Canada and Japan. European pre-orders will start on July 15, but Microsoft has yet to announce the full details in those markets.

Click here to read about the full retail pricing for Windows 7.

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  • mtyermom
    Ok, deal on upgrade pre-orders, great. What about full version pre-orders??? Any deals on those?
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  • Greg_77
    But these prices are for the upgrade CD. I am assuming you can't use these these upgrade disc for a clean install?
  • tayb
    Eh. I'll get Ultimate from UT for $7. Anyone close to a big state university... go hit up a college student and get a nice cheap copy.
  • frozenlead
    Can you imagine people camping out for the newest version of Windows? All those people outside who haven't seen the sun in years...