July 11, Last Day for Discounted Win 7 Upgrade

Are you set on upgrading to Windows 7 when it releases October 22, 2009? Then this could be your last chance to get your hands on an upgrade copy or Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate for less than half price.

Last month, when Microsoft announced retail pricing for Windows 7, it also rolled out a pre-order program that offered a significant discount. The special offer from Microsoft prices the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade at $49.99 – a huge savings from the usual price of $119.99. Those looking for the Professional version can get for half price at $99.99 as part of the deal.

Those in Canada and Japan were also be able to take part in the deal. Canadians can pay $64.99 for the Home Premium Upgrade and $124.99 for the Professional Upgrade. Those in Japan can get the Home Premium Upgrade for 7,777 Yen, while the Professional Upgrade will run 14,777 Yen.

Europeans will get their chance to preorder at a discounted price on July 15, but they’ll have perform clean installs thanks to the deal with IE8 and the EU.

Microsoft said that quantities would be limited, and only said that it'd be limited to around the same number of Windows Vista licenses sold at retail in its first year. That means that Microsoft is aiming to break the previous generation’s sales record before Windows 7 is even released.

So, are you in? Hit up Microsoft's pre-order and retail partner page here.

Also, check out the full pricing details and let us know if you think that the prices for Windows 7 are fair.

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  • hellwig
    I was very dissapointed in the lack of details about the upgrading procedure. For one thing, no-where on the pre-order site could I find what OS's you are allowed to upgrade from. I assume XP Home and Vista Home upgrade to Win 7 Home, and XP Pro and Vista Business upgrade to Win 7 Pro, but they never said anything definitive.

    Also, will I need a CD key, official media, etc.. to actually perform the upgrade? I have an old XP Pro CD for my own computer, by my fiance's XP Home is an OEM version, and I don't have a Microsoft-branded CD.

    Of course, since Win 7 copys everything, and what you can run is based on the product key you enter, maybe its doesn't matter, but it would have been nice to know in advance.
  • andune
    Any official word on whether the upgrade offer works with OEM Vista keys, or is it retail only?
  • legierk
    You can do a clean install. I ordered mine from Newegg already. Check out Paul Thurrott's site to learn how to do the clean install. (He's 90% sure it will work like in Vista). Anyhow, $50 to get a licensed copy? I'm in...just wish I would have waited and got the 3 pack family upgrade....even better deal.