Limited Edition XFORMA MBX MKII PC Case Costs $1,250

Most budget-oriented DIY PC enthusiasts rarely second guess a cheap deal on a sturdy case. Some high-end PC enthusiasts won't be satisfied with a case unless they spend $300, use a custom water cooling solution, and have enough LEDs to simulate the light from the sun. While the PC case market has plenty of offerings for such endeavors, not many people could comprehend spending more on an enclosure.

However, for enthusiasts who break the word "budget" with the money they can throw into their personal PC wonderland, XFORMA has made the new MBX MKII Limited Edition Case available for preorder. And it costs a monstrous $1,250.

"Our goal was to create an ultra-refined, precision crafted case that boldly stands in a class by itself," said Charles Harwood, President of XFORMA, in a press release. Upon first glance, it appears the company did just that.

The MBX MKII features an aluminum unibody chassis, two brushed aluminum acrylic-windowed side panels, serpentine backplates, and an illuminated logo on the front. Inside, there is room for three 2.5-inch drives and three 3.5-inch drives with the included drive sleds, and there's a front drive structure for slim-slot optical drives. The inverted ATX motherboard tray features an integrated reservoir mount for a custom water loop. The design is sleek and smooth, like a fine hand-crafted Italian automobile.

Unfortunately, just like an Italian sports car, the MBX MKII comes with a price tag that would make you think the aluminum chassis was solid gold, and that $1,250 price tag is just the starting point. XFORMA offers CD/DVD or Blu-ray drives at a premium, and for enthusiasts wishing to mount single, dual, or quad radiator liquid cooling solutions, you can pay an additional cost for mounting brackets, the reservoir, and pump mounts. Luminous panels and an acrylic serpentine top grill are available to add more flair, and more airflow options including dual top fans and a crossflow fan assembly are also available for nominal fees.

Nothing says "elite" like "limited edition," and XFORMA will only produce 250 of these cases. XFORMA will also be launching a private owners' forum, because what is the point of purchasing such a creation unless you can pal around with other ultra-elitist consumers online and discuss how awesome you are?

While most of us cannot fathom how a computer case can cost as much as a solid gaming PC, the MBX MKII was not designed for most of us. If the goal was to create a case that stood in a class by itself, XFORMA was technically successful in that endeavor by creating an ultra-elite tier in the market segment with the price alone.

Although other PC cases in this niche market are priced similarly, those cases are usually large "functional art" enclosures or furniture, like the Lian Li DK-02X, somewhat justifying the outlandish cost. The MBX MKII is unique to the market because at its core, it is just a really nice ATX full tower case with a ridiculously high price.

The XFORMA MBX MKII Limited Edition Case is available for preorder here, but like the Lamborghini and Ferrari posters on the wall, it will remain an unattainable luxury that most of us (except the "lucky" 250) will simply have to admire from afar without experiencing it ourselves. 

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Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.
  • uglyduckling81
    On another note that water cooling set-up in that picture above is pretty sweet. Aluminium pipes takes the hard tube to a new level.
    I'll continue using my Antec P183 for the quietness, amazing build quality and lack of window which I like. Bloody thing weighs a tonne though with all that steel.
  • oczdude8
    wow I think they nailed the dimensions. I really like how you can mount a quad rad at the bottom without having the case be the size of the corsair 900D. Not a sure if I like the outside looks though. Still I would buy this if it was around $300

  • jdsim9173
    It's just a Silverstone TJ-07 copy
  • someguynamedmatt
    ...if I wanted a Silverstone Fortress, I'd just go buy one. Or five, for the price of this thing.
  • rwinches
    So snap up some then sell them on eBay, Right?

    @jdsim9173 Yes it is a Silverstone TJ-07 clone they are possibly the OEM
  • uglyduckling81
    It's just a Silverstone TJ-07 copy
    Lol your right. Except the Silverstone comes with the front drive bays included.
    Someone with too much money is going to buy this stupid thing just because it cost a lot of money.
  • JPNpower
    MKII.... oh wait.... THERE WAS A MKI THAT WAS SUCCESSFUL ENOUGH TO WARRANT A V2!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
  • falchard
    I thought this was an April Fool's joke. The case does not look special like my INWIN 902. I really don't see where the 1250 is going, especially when you need to pay extra for the water-cooling when the price tag kinda says you can get this can and custom water cooling for half the price.
  • Arabian Knight
    This is nothing but a modded

    Silverstone Temjin TJ07

    dont get fooled by the price.
  • synphul
    It's a decent looking case, I dig the style. Although as others have pointed out it's just a spin off of a much less expensive existing case. Many other nice looking well thought out cases for 1/10th the price. I think my biggest burn on this case is over $1200 and they couldn't be bothered with tempered tinted (or clear optional) glass windows on such a limited quantity? Plexi really killed the overall 'quality'.

    Same if I were to consider a high end car over $100k, I expect wood accents and genuine leather. Not 'wood' patterned plastic and naugahyde. Nothing against plexi, my enthoo pro has plexi windows - it was also $100.