be quiet! announces highly configurable PC cases and illuminated fans that bring light into the darkness

The be quiet! Light Base 900 FX case
(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

German PC component manufacturer be quiet! brought a new glass case series and updated its Light Wings illuminated case fans to Computex 2024. The latest cases are highly configurable “fish tank” designs that are usable in three orientations for showcasing your PC just the way you want.

Be quiet! introduced the Light Base 600 and Light Base 900 cases. These include fully windowed front and side panels allowing a gorgeous panoramic view of your gaming rig’s components, with the power supply, storage drive, and cables neatly hidden away in a separate chamber.

These cases aren’t run-of-the-mill PC enclosures since they can be used in three different orientations. You can set them up like a traditional tower or invert them, switching the feet from the bottom to the top of the case. You can also position the case horizontally, placing the glass on the top and front. The back of the case offers support for your motherboard’s back I/O plate.

Be quiet! told Tom’s Hardware that the company would even provide 3D print files for mounts for the case’s feet so that owners could make custom designs for their cases.

The Light Base 900 DX is the standard version of the case, shipping without fans. It has ample space for up to two 420mm radiators and includes a 1.5-meter addressable RGB (ARGB) light strip for customizing lighting effects. The Light Base 900 FX adds four Light Wings LX 140mm PWM fans to maximize your lighting and cooling. 

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be quiet! Light Base case pricing and availability
Light Base 900 FX BlackSep/Oct 2024$229.90 / €219.90
Light Base 900 FX WhiteSep/Oct 2024$239.90 / €229.90
Light Base 900 DX BlackSep/Oct 2024$179.90 / €169.90
Light Base 900 DX WhiteSep/Oct 2024$187.90 / €179.90
Light Base 600 LX BlackSep/Oct 2024$184.90 / €174.90
Light Base 600 LX WhiteSep/Oct 2024$194.90 / €184.90
Light Base 600 DX BlackSep/Oct 2024$149.90 / €139.90
Light Base 600 DX WhiteSep/Oct 2024$159.90 / €149.90

The slightly smaller cousin, the Light Base 600 DX, offers the same benefits as the larger variant. Again, the case supports rear I/O plates on the motherboard and includes an ARGB light strip. The smaller footprint still allows for radiators up to 360mm. The Light Base 600 DX does not include preinstalled fans, but the 600 LX variant comes with four preinstalled Light Wings LX 140mm PWM fans.

be quiet Light Base 600 case

The slightly smaller Light Base 600 case, by be quiet! (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

The updated Light Wings LX fans offer high airflow while operating quietly and feature reverse fan blades for the side fans. Because of this, the fan's more aesthetically pleasing front side is facing out for all to see.

Light Wings LX case fans

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Be quiet!’s Light Wings LX fans have an illuminated hub and frosted fan blades. They have 16 LEDs in a variety of colors and illumination modes. The ARGB connection supports daisy-chaining for improved ease of use. The Light Wings LX is available in 120mm PWM, 120 PWM high-speed, 140mm PWM, and 140mm PWM high-speed.

All models are black or white, and the high-speed models have a closed-loop motor that ensures the RPM remains constant. 

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be quiet! Light Wings LX pricing and availability
Light Wings LX 140mm PWM high-speedSep 2024$19.90 / €19.90 (Black/Single)
 Row 1 - Cell 1 $57.90 / €57.90 (Black/Triple)
 Row 2 - Cell 1 $57.90 / €57.90 (White/Triple)
Light Wings LX 140mm PWMSep 2024$19.90 / €19.90 (Black/Single)
 Row 4 - Cell 1 $57.90 / €57.90 (Black/Triple)
 Row 5 - Cell 1 $57.90 / €57.90 (White/Triple)
Light Wings LX 120mm PWM high-speedSep 2024$18.90 / €18.90 (Black/Single)
 Row 7 - Cell 1 $54.90 / €54.90 (Black/Triple)
 Row 8 - Cell 1 $54.90 / €54.90 (White/Triple)
Light Wings LX 120mm PWMSep 2024$18.90 / €18.90 (Black/Single)
 Row 10 - Cell 1 $54.90 / €54.90 (Black/Triple)
 Row 11 - Cell 1 $54.90 / €54.90 (White/Triple)

Be quiet! will start shipping the Light Base cases in September or October 2024. The Light Wings LX fans will also ship in September.

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  • CmdrShepard
    If this trend of large components and big, boxy, cases continues I am envisioning future apartments with rooms dedicated for video card, storage, CPU, cooling, etc.
  • Colif
    Need to wait for them to actually exist on the Bequiet website before I decide if a Light Base LX 600 be my next case. I like how you can choose its layout without buying a specific model.