New MSI case combines fish tank style design and back plug compatibility — MAG Pano M100R PZ will retail for around $100

MSI MAG Pano M100R PZ case
(Image credit: MSI)

MSI has quietly started to sell its MAG Pano M100R PZ cases, with retail listings now live in Taiwan. EXPReview also spotted the black and white (option) cases with fish tank wraparound transparent style and back plug motherboard support for sale in China, at Looking at the overseas prices, US customers should expect to pay about $100 for these new PC cases.

Cases using the fish tank style are also sometimes referred to as '270-degree glass window' style cases, and appear to be a trending design. MSI’s promo images make it easy to understand the appeal of such a case, packed with suitably color-coordinated components (see top image). The MSI MAG Pano M100R PZ is available in black or white, and to get you started MSI has kitted out both with four ARGB fans and a controller.

Looks aren’t everything, and under the skin the MAG Pano M100R PZ cases have some worthwhile practical touches. Probably the most important design feature here is hinted at in the name – ‘PZ’. Yes, this is a Project Zero case, and it is compatible with back-plug motherboards from MSI and other brands. These motherboards facilitate easy clean builds, with all the messy cabling easy to hide behind the motherboard tray.

The specs say that the case offers support for “M-ATX (Back-connect supported) / ITX.” People interested in full-size ATX builds with backplug or not will have to look elsewhere. Whatever kind of motherboard you put in, MSI has left 33mm of cable management space behind the tray to hide the wiring.

The next modern key spec we want to draw attention to is the graphics card support as standard. This system can fit up to 390mm graphics cards, and we are now more sure than ever that preventing GPU sag is extremely important. So many of the best graphics cards are both bulky and heavy.

Other things about the MSI MAG Pano M100R PZ case we’d like to highlight include the included four ARGB fans (3 front, 1 back) and fan controller, plus an easy access USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C connector among the front I/O section.

This is a pretty roomy case for Micro-ATX at 440 x 235 x 405mm / 17.32 x 9.25 x 15.94 inches, so the decent max compatibility figures aren’t a surprise. Full specs can be seen in the datasheet below.

(Image credit: MSI)

MSI distributors are selling this case in Taiwan now at TWD$3,190 (white) and TWD$2,990 (black), which is about USD$100. We don’t have launch details or pricing for Western markets at the time of writing.

The trend for making desktop PC cases more like fish tanks has been noted previously. At Computex earlier in the year, we saw Lian Li dipping its toes in this design, Hyte might be one of the leaders of this trend, and MSI also showed off a MAG Vampiric Project Zero with a 270-degree panoramic glass window – alongside its suitably equipped motherboards.

A few weeks ago we were the guests of Cooler Master and were told by product managers there that fish tank cases are a growth trend they see for 2024, in addition to new cases being compatible with back plug motherboards. It looks like MSI has got in early with its MAG Pano M100R PZ case release.

Mark Tyson
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  • YouFilthyHippo
    I already did this 14 years ago.

  • PEnns
    I am sure it appeals to the RGB obsessed crowd, but how practical is this?

    How easy is it to remove such enclosure, and it seems one needs 4 hands! And is it really glass or Plexi glass?

    PS: Plexi glass is difficult to keep clean (it's a dust magnet in winter) and one should use Ammonia-free cleaners. Anything with Ammonia will make the Plexi glass "milky" and less clearer with each cleaning.

    Always look for Ammonia-free cleaners when dealing with Plexi.
  • pclaughton
    Describing this as "270-degree glass window" is either amazing marketing, flunkable math, or both.
  • wakuwaku
    pclaughton said:
    Describing this as "270-degree glass window" is either amazing marketing, flunkable math, or both.
    Sadly it tom's hardware trying to improve their seo ranking using a very specific niche term that no one really uses. Just google 270-degree glass window pc case, this article is probably the top, or one of the first few results, with one amazon product listing and one youtube video actually using the term. The rest of results below either look like spam or showing irrelevant results either not related to computers or not related to computers but not 270 degree.
  • Rob1C
    This case looks like a copy of the Jonsbo D300 series, except they use two pieces of glass instead of three; so, also not a true 270 degrees:
    Real 90 (because it's not 270) degrees is offered in the Jonsbo TK-2 2.0, which is not quite the same design, using a single bent piece of glass:
    Maybe they meant 180°, but it's not like this either:
  • scrumpydrew
    I like this, but just bought a Lianli Lancool II. Maybe in a couple years!