AMD's Zen 4-Based Ryzen 8000 CPUs Listed, Hawk Point breaks cover

Ryzen Mobile CPU
Ryzen Mobile CPU (Image credit: AMD)

Renowned hardware leaker @harukaze5179 has found a list of AMD's upcoming Ryzen 8040-series accelerated processing units with built-in graphics. These upcoming Ryzen 8040-series processors are codenamed Hawk Point, though these are essentially rebadged Ryzen 7040-series CPUs known as Phoenix and Phoenix 2.

The product names indicate that AMD will offer Ryzen 9, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 5 products within the Ryzen 8040-series lineup, and those CPUs will feature a TDP of 28W or 45W, depending on their actual specifications. While the range-topping Ryzen 9 8940H and Ryzen 7 8840H/HS models will carry eight multi-threaded Zen 4 cores and an RDNA 3-based GPU with up to 768 stream processors, some Ryzen 5-branded parts could either pack six Zen 4 cores or use a hybrid design featuring two high-performance Zen 4 cores and four smaller Zen 4c cores.

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CPU ModelTDPOPNPackaging
RYZEN 9 8940H45W100-000001309FP8
RYZEN 9 8940H45W100-000001383FP7
RYZEN 7 8840HS28W100-000001357FP8
RYZEN 7 8840HS28W100-000001379FP7
RYZEN 7 8840H45W100-000001311FP8
RYZEN 7 8840H45W100-000001384FP7
RYZEN 7 8840U28W100-000001323FP7R2
RYZEN 7 8840U28W100-000001375FP7
RYZEN 7 8840U28W100-000001313FP8
RYZEN 7 PRO 8840U28W100-000001377FP7
RYZEN 5 8640HS28W100-000001358FP8
RYZEN 5 8640HS28W100-000001380FP7
RYZEN 5 8640H45W100-000001310FP8
RYZEN 5 8640H45W100-000001385FP7
RYZEN 5 8640U28W?FP8
RYZEN 5 8640U28W100-000001376FP7
RYZEN 5 8640U28W100-000001324FP7R2
RYZEN 5 PRO 8640U28W100-000001378FP7
RYZEN 5 PRO 8640U28W100-000001312FP8

AMD's Ryzen 8040-series processors will be available in three different packaging options, just like their Ryzen 7040 predecessors. The FP7 (LPDDR5X) and FP7r2 (DDR5) packages are tailored for slimmer designs that require a high-performance APU, while the larger FP8 package is intended for the highest functionality and performance. The FP8 is significantly bigger than the FP7 variants and supports more advanced interfaces like AMD's MIPI CSI, a fast interface for linking things like cameras to host APUs.

It is likely that the new parts will be drop-in compatible with existing motherboard designs aimed at Ryzen 7040-series products. This will greatly simplify the lives of PC makers as they will not have to redesign anything and still get some kind of upgrade. 

What remains to be seen is whether Ryzen 8040-series parts will be faster than their direct predecessors and if so, how much faster these are going to be. Keeping in mind that TSMC's N4 process technology (4nm) is getting better, AMD could probably increase the clocks of its parts without risking yields, but the company has not formally announced any specifications of its Ryzen 8040-series CPUs.

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