Ryzen Threadripper 7000 gets even faster overclockable memory — DDR5-7800 RDIMMs Coming

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This week, two memory makers — G.Skill and v-color — formally announced their quad-channel memory module kits for AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000-series processors. The new ECC-enabled RDIMM kits with AMD EXPO profiles are factory-overclocked and top at 6400 MT/s and 7200 MT/s speed bins. But apparently, there are more advanced memory modules (up to 7800 MT/s) for Threadrippers coming from more companies, according to a Gigabyte listing

In addition to G.Skill and v-color, Kingston is prepping its quad-channel 64GB and 32GB kits rated for DDR5-6000 CL32 at 1.35V and DDR5-6400 CL32 1.4V speed bins for AMD's latest Ryzen Threadripper 7000-series platform that targets both enthusiasts with deep pockets as well as professional-grade workstations. Gigabyte lists these modules alongside its TRX50 platform, so the company primarily positions its kits for the enthusiast-grade quad-channel Ryzen Threadripper 7000 builds. 

Perhaps more interesting is that v-color is prepping a lineup of ultra-fast ECC-enabled quad-channel RDIMMs for AMD's latest Threadrippers with ECC profiles. For those who are fine with moderate performance and stock speeds, v-color will offer DDR5-4800 and DDR5-5200 kits. But for more extreme enthusiasts who want to get every last bit of performance from their TRX50 rigs with Ryzen Threadripper 7000-series CPUs, v-color will offer kits rated for up to DDR5-7800. To provide some context, a quad-channel DDR5-7800 memory subsystem provides a memory bandwidth of 249.6 GB/s. 

Upcoming Memory Modules for AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000-Series CPUs

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BrandSpeedCapacityTimingsVoltageDRAM ICOrganizationNativeP/N
G.SKILL6400MHz16GB32-39-39-1021.4vHynix A1Rx84800MHzF5-6400R3239G32GQ4-ZR5NK
G.SKILL6400MHz32GB32-39-39-1021.4vHynix A2Rx84800MHzF5-6400R3239G16GQ4-ZR5NK
Kingston6000MHz16GB32-38-38-801.35vHynix A1Rx84800MHzKF560R32RBEK4-64
Kingston6000MHz32GB32-38-38-801.35vHynix A2Rx84800MHzKF560R32RBEK4-128
Kingston6400MHz16GB32-39-39-801.4vHynix A1Rx84800MHzKF564R32RBEK4-64
V-Color4800MHz24GB36-38-38-701.1VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G48S836
V-Color4800MHz16GB36-38-38-701.1VHynix A1RX85600MHzTRA516G48S836
V-Color4800MHz24GB36-38-38-701.1VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G48S836
V-Color4800MHz32GB36-38-38-701.1VHynix M1RX44800MHzTRA532G48S436
V-Color5200MHz16GB36-40-40-801.25VHynix A1RX85600MHzTRA516G52S836
V-Color5200MHz24GB36-40-40-801.25VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G52S836
V-Color5200MHz32GB36-40-40-801.25VHynix M1RX44800MHzTRA532G52S436
V-Color5600MHz16GB36-38-38-801.25VHynix A1RX85600MHzTRA516G56S836
V-Color5600MHz24GB36-38-38-801.25VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G56S836
V-Color5600MHz32GB36-38-38-801.25VHynix M1RX44800MHzTRA532G56S436
V-Color6000MHz16GB32-39-39-1021.4VHynix A1RX85600MHzTRA516G60S832
V-Color6000MHz24GB32-39-39-1021.4VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G60S832
V-Color6000MHz32GB32-38-38-96 1.25VHynix M1RX44800MHzTRA532G60S432
V-Color6400MHz24GB32-39-39-1021.4VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G64S832
V-Color6400MHz16GB32-39-39-1021.4VHynix A1RX85600MHzTRA516G64S832
V-Color6600MHz24GB34-46-46-921.4VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G66S834
V-Color6600MHz16GB34-46-46-921.4VHynix A1RX85600MHzTRA516G66S834
V-Color6800MHz24GB34-46-46-921.4VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G68S834
V-Color6800MHz16GB34-46-46-921.4VHynix A1RX85600MHzTRA516G68S834
V-Color7000MHz24GB34-42-42-1021.4VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G70S834R3
V-Color7000MHz16GB34-42-42-1021.4VHynix A1RX85600MHzTRA516G70S834
V-Color7200MHz24GB34-45-45-1121.4VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G72S834R3
V-Color7200MHz16GB34-45-45-1121.4VHynix A1RX85600MHzTRA516G72S834
V-Color7600MHz24GB38-48-48-1221.4VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G76S838R3
V-Color7600MHz16GB38-48-48-1221.4VHynix A1RX85600MHzTRA516G76S838
V-Color7800MHz24GB38-48-48-1261.4VHynix M1Rx84800MHzTRA524G78S838R3
V-Color7800MHz16GB38-48-48-1261.4VHynix A1RX85600MHzTRA516G78S838

It is noteworthy that G.Skill, which specializes in high-performance memory modules, tops its overclockable RDIMM offerings with AMD EXPO aimed at Ryzen Threadripper 7000-based systems at 6400 MT/s and equips them with label heat spreaders. 

By contrast, v-color goes above and beyond with 7200 MT/s, 7600 MT/s, and 7800 MT/s. To ensure that its modules do not overheat, it equips them with rather serious heat spreaders akin to those used on some server-grade RDIMMs.

(Image credit: G.Skill)

When it comes to pricing, factory-overclocked RDIMMs are certainly considerably more expensive than regular performance-enhanced memory modules. G.Skill's Zeta R5 Neo 64 GB kit costs $530, whereas the 128GB kit is priced at $1,070.

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