Nvidia teases RTX 40 Super series launch at CES — here's all of the leaked specs

Nvidia RTX 40-series Super teaser image, showing a GPU on earth's horizon.
(Image credit: Nvidia)

After months of rumors and leaks, Nvidia confirmed that it will unveil a new graphics card lineup soon. The post shows a video of a GeForce RTX Founders Edition graphics card hovering over the earth's horizon, depicting the date January 8th, 2024, at 8 AM Pacific time. The post effectively confirms that Nvidia will announce a new graphics card lineup at CES 2024. Lucky for us, many of the key details have already been leaked from multiple sources

These new GPUs will inevitably be the highly rumored RTX 40-series Super refresh that has been leaked online and rumored for months. Nvidia's new refresh is expected to arrive with at least three brand-new Ada Lovelace RTX 40-series GPUs: the RTX 4070 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, and the RTX 4080 Super.

The RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4080 Super are expected to come with a noteworthy spec bump in CUDA cores over their vanilla counterparts, while the RTX 4070 Ti Super is expected to arrive with a core count jump and a big memory upgrade compared to the outgoing 4070 Ti.

The RTX 4070 Super will reportedly come with 7,168 CUDA cores, and the RTX 4080 Super will come with 10,240 CUDA cores with 24 GT/s GDDR6X memory ICs. The RTX 4070 Ti Super is reported to feature 8,448 CUDA cores, 16GB of memory capacity, a 256-bit bus, and 22.4 GT/s GDDR6X memory chips.

Of course it's worth noting that these are rumored specs. Nvidia will likely confirm all the details on January 8, and there may be a few tweaks compared to what we've heard elsewhere.

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Header Cell - Column 0 GPUFP32 CUDA CoresMemory ConfigurationL2 CacheTBPMSRP
*GeForce RTX 4090 TiAD10218176 (?)24GB 384-bit 24 GT/s GDDR6X (?)96 MB (?)600W (?)Arm+Leg
GeForce RTX 4090AD1021638424GB 384-bit 21 GT/s GDDR6X72 MB450W$1,599
*GeForce RTX 4080 SuperAD1031024016GB 256-bit 24 GT/s GDDR6X64 MB320W$999–$1,099
GeForce RTX 4080AD103972816GB 256-bit 22.4 GT/s GDDR6X64 MB320W$1,199
*GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SuperAD103-275/AD102-175844816GB 256-bit 22.4 GT/s GDDR6X48 MB285W$799–$849
GeForce RTX 4070 TiAD104768012GB 192-bit 21 GT/s GDDR6X48 MB285W$799
*GeForce RTX 4070 SuperAD104-350/AD103-175716812GB 192-bit 21 GT/s GDDR6X48 MB225W$599–$649
GeForce RTX 4070AD104588812GB 192-bit 21 GT/s GDDR6X36 MB200W$599
GeForce RTX 4060 TiAD10643528GB/16GB 128-bit 18 GT/s GDDR632 MB160W$399/$499
GeForce RTX 4060AD10630728GB 128-bit 17 GT/s GDDR624 MB115W$299

There are also rumors that Nvidia could unveil the reportedly-cancelled RTX 4090 Ti/Titan Ada as its 4th GPU under the new 40-series Super refresh, but this is not likely to happen. We've left it in the above table, more for fun that fact.

The RTX 40-series Super refresh is expected to reinvigorate the RTX 40-series by providing updated GPU configurations featuring more competitive pricing compared to the series' outgoing SKUs — similar to the RTX 20-series Super refresh. When the RTX 40-series launched, it was met with a lot of negative criticism due to sky-high GPU prices and mostly lackluster performance improvements. The relatively limited VRAM configurations and narrower interface widths didn't help.

This was particularly noteworthy in the RTX 4080 and RTX 4060 Ti, which offered incredibly poor performance per dollar at launch — and trying to pawn off the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB as a fix for the memory configurations didn't help. No doubt this is at least part of why Nvidia decided to green-light mid-cycle refresh in the first place.

There is no guarantee that the RTX 40-series Super refresh will fix the current lineup's pricing issues outright, but it should at least freshen up the market with some competitive GPUs. Either way, we will know soon enough how competitive Nvidia's RTX 40-series Super GPUs will be, with all three cards expected to launch this month, staggered at one week intervals.

Aaron Klotz
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  • Argolith
    Yay, more disappointment incoming!
  • Lucky_SLS
    the interesting thing after the launch would be how the prices of 4060ti and 4070 be adjusted with the 4070 super.
  • valthuer
    Argolith said:
    Yay, more disappointment incoming!

    More like Super disappointment!
  • cknobman
    Not interested in your overpriced crap Nvidia.
  • HaninTH
    valthuer said:
    More like Super disappointment!
    Super Ti Extreme Ultra Platinum Rhodium Palladium disappointment! With a hint of Ghost Pepper X!
  • Wizardous Wes
    I don't game much anymore. I just want a good consumer GenAI card for a good price. Nvidia, are you listening?
  • Notton
    Lucky_SLS said:
    the interesting thing after the launch would be how the prices of 4060ti and 4070 be adjusted with the 4070 super.
    I doubt we'll see any discount what-so-ever because there's little to no leftover 4070/4070Ti stock to dump.
  • Order 66
    More overpriced and disappointing stuff from Nvidia, yay! /s
  • Jagar123
    Yeah, I am still just not interested in a 4080 Super for $999. I am not really interested in the 4070 Ti Super or 4070 Super either. I'll just have to wait for next gen at this point.
  • btmedic04
    4070 TiS might be interesting if it performs close to the outgoing 4080 at $799. If priced more than that, it will still be a rough sell. 4080S is still too expensive at $999, with the 4070S having the same issue at $599